HARTZ FLEA DROPS- Almost killed my 1 year Siamese Skye

Around October or November I noticed under my siamese cats chin what i thought was flea dirt. I sleep with my cat every night so my mom went out and bought hartz flea drops. I put them on all four pets: my moms 2 chihuahuas, calico, and my siamese. Later on I noticed Skye my siamese isolating herself. i would go by her and she just would act out of it. i thought it was me so i got my mom to pet her and she was angry and growling and looked as if she was high. We noticed she was twitching very badly. She’s normally very friendly with me and she wasn’t acting like herself. I was Hysterical and crying. I thought what could have made her act so scared. I was so frightend that she might not be okay. All the vets were closed because it was late. finally we figured that it was the flea drops and i gave her a bath as soon as possible. oddly enought all the other animals were fine. Febuary 14, my mom came and told me she seen on the news hartz had a lawsuit against them. i found out that Skye wasn’t the only one that almost died and that hundreds of animals did die. funny though i went though all this and it wasn’t even fleas, it was a case of feline acne.

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