My update

I want to tell you an update on how my cats are doing now. I submitted a story in January to this websight. I have a beautiful lilac simaese cat. I absolutely love her. She is so special to me and my daughter. Thank goodness I found this websight when I did. It just never dawned on me that those hartz products were why my cat was acting so horrible. Immadiately after finding this websight and reading how simular my cat was reacting to the hartz products, I washed her as soon as I got home from work that night. I started noticing a huge difference. I would like to tell you her remarkable difference since I have thrown all my hartz products away and gotten them off her skin… lilac simaese use to hide in my daughters closet all the time and she had so many sores on her body, she constatly licked and scratched her body, she didnt want to be around anyone and she had lost her playful spirit, she looked and acted so sad. NOW a month later….she has her playful silly spirit back, she does not even go into my daughters closet, her hair has all grown back, she doesnt stratch anymore, she just all around seems so much happier. Thank you so much!!! NEVER again will I poision my cats with those horrible hartz flea drops or any of their products.

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