Hartz Flea and Tick Spray

New Year’s Eve 2005 I saw a few fleas on my cat Riley and after looking further I saw more by his tail and belly. I used Hartz Flea and Tick Spray on him, and I ended up taking him to my vets office then to the Animal Hospital.
The Vet said that Riley had a Toxic Shock, and asked if he got into any cleaner or any decon. Which, Riley didn’t get into ANY cleaner-it was the Flea Spray!!!!! That was the only thing that he was into (well, with help from me spraying it on him!!!)
The Vet stated that he was in poor condition, having trouble breathing, his lungs were filling up with fluid, and his body temperature dropped from 101.5 to 102.5 (normal temperature for cats and dogs) to 92.5. His body was starting to shut down-over Flea Spray!!!!!
We had to decide what we should do, whether to put Riley to sleep or see if he made it though the night. We thought that the best thing that we should do was to put the cat out of his misery, but after seeing him I couldn’t do that. Riley seemed to be alert although really sick, and when I went over to him and rubbed his neck he was loving it. My boyfriend went over to the other side and was rubbing his neck and he looked over at him. We decided then and there that we would take him home, and if he didn’t get any better we would take him back and have him put to sleep.
Well, prayers are answered-he is slowly recovering. He is getting his appetite back, after 6 days-he still has yet to have a bowl movement. But he is coming along really well. And I think that he will be OK, I have a follow up vet appointment tomorrow. So hopefully all goes well and there isn’t any permanent damage.


It’s Jan 6th 2005, 2:12 am right now in the florida panhandle. I’m writing this letter right now becouse 3 days ago i gave my cat “Monk” hartz flea and tick rub. After one day his symptoms started showing but I didn’t recognize them becouse I didn’t know about the problems with hartz cat medication. He started acting real lathargic and his breathing was very abnormal. just this afternoon i took him to the vet and explained what was happening. they said it was more than likely the hartz. they gave him a bath to wash off the hartz and gave him 3 shots, dexamethasone, penicillin procaine G, and atropine. Now its 12 hours later and he has just died in my arms. I looked up this web site becouse my vet told me to earlier today. I wish i would have known about the hartz becouse Monk was a very important part of my life. He was my strength and my best freind. now he is gone. How can a multi million dollar compary like hartz be doing this to people and get away with it. Mostly I am writing this letter becouse I don’t want anybody to have sit threw what I just sat threw with my cat for the past 2 hours. I have never seen suffering like that before in my life, and I felt helpless. I hope to god that hartz goes under and all the people affected by them get redemption in some sort of way. Right now i feel very angry and am not quit sure what kind of action to take. If anyone has any advise e-mail me please. my e-mail is [email protected]

Thanks for listening, Jason

Allergic reaction

My name is Rick and i’m writing you this letter to let you know that my dog Zima had an allergic reaction to Hartz Flea and Tick Drops and had to be brought to Petsmart {Banfield Pet Hospital}.
I applied the medicine on July 23rd,2004, everything seemed to be okay, except that she was scratching alot, like she could not get rid of the fleas. I also noticed that she was not eating alot but i thought it was because she is part Husky and that it was summer and thought it was just the heat.
On August 23, 2004 I applied the second applicator tube on my dog Zima as written, and within the same day I started seeing a big difference in her behavior. Zima started whining, hiding under or hiding behind tables, couches,etc. Like she was scared of something. She would not eat or drink and when she moved about it was like slow motion and seemed to be very taxing on her breathing.
I called Hartz and told them what was going on and the operator told me to wash her 3 times in a row using Palmolive dish soap and then towel dry her. She was nice but she also told me if Zima was still acting weird to take her to the vet.
On August 25, 2004 i gave my dog a bath according to instructions from the operator from Hartz. Well to say Zima’s behavior did not change and seemed to get worse.
On August 28, 2004 I brought Zima to the vet and he checked her out and said that she has an allergic reaction to Hartz Flea and Tick Drops and gave her a few shots to relieve her of her reaction problem.
Well she is fine now but i am still arguing with Hartz about my vet bill that i am trying to get reimbursed for, 82.00, but its like i am trying to get $800.00 or $8000.00 from them because it ain’t happening.
They wanted a letter from my vet, did that. Now they want me to get a toxicity test from the A.S.P.C.A Animal Poison or something like that and they would pay the consultation fee
I just got tht letter on January 3rd, 2005.
HELLO MY DOG GOT SICK IN JULY 2004 don’t you think any POISON would probably be OUT HER SYSTEM BY NOW!
Can anybody help me, please e-mail me at [email protected] Thanks

first time cat owner

The first cat that i have ever owned, now has to live with the side effects from the medication that i had put on her, Hartz 3-1. Not only did it cause severe twichting and dilated eyes right after i applied this to her, but now, a year later, she is still having effects from this product. I just wich i had done more reseach of this product before i use it. Now i use advantage, which should have ben my number one choice to begin with


My beautiful cat, Marcus, died September 22, 2004. He was only 2 years old. Over the summer. he contracted fleas. I purchased Hartz Feline Advanced Care Flea and Tick Drops in mid July and used one application on him. It did not kill the fleas: it killed my cat.

I was not aware of the negative publicity regarding this product until Marcus’s passing. It has to be removed from the market.

Digit Didn’t Like Hartz

I bought Hartz Flea & Tick drops for my cat, Digit. After the first application, he was fine. One month later, I gave him the second application. I went out to run errands for a few hours. when I came home Digit wasn’t at the door to greet me and wouldn’t come running when I called for him. When I found him, he wouldn’t respond to his name, his ears and legs were twitching, he was drooling, and he could barely walk without falling over. I got online and found horror stories about this product. I washed Digit off and took him to the emergency vet. They pretty much told me they couldn’t do anything for him except watch him over night and see what would happen. I decided to take him home. I washed Digit again and within 3 hours he was coming out of the seizures. The next morning he was back to his regular self. Digit and I were lucky.

Close call for Christmas

I thought over-the-counter drops may not be effective, but would be safe – until we met Hartz flea & tick drops. I applied the drops to our cat on the night of 12-22, and early the next morning the tremors began. She tried to jump up on something and fell to the floor on her back. We gave her a bath and rushed her to the vet. The vet was not hopeful that she would survive. The vet said the drops should not be on the market because it has been known for a long time that they are not safe. He did what he could to calm the seizures.

Fortunately, the vet was successful and our cat was lucky. She seems fine now. Our Christmas was saved.

This poison should be taken off the market!

You saved my kitty’s life!

I want to thank you so very much for the information you post on your website. It saved my little Sunshine’s life. (aka Dolly, Angel, Doll baby, Angel baby, Yellow, Sassy Cat, and comes to “I need you!”.

It has been about 6 months since I used the Hartz flea and tick drops (purchased them at a local Casey’s gas station), but I didn’t post right away because I was so very emotional about it that when I sat down to write my story I couldn’t get it to come out right.

In short, here is the story. I applied the drops according to the package directions and photo before bed one night and woke to find my beloved Dolly having tremors and seizures. My husband refused to believe that the drops could cause this. He told me, “You better watch that cat today, I think she is on her last leg.” Sunshine is 12 years old. My first thought was, “How many people buy flea product from Casey’s gas station? It must have been an expired product.”

I immediately jumped online to look up Hartz so I could ask about expiration dates, and with the search term Hartz, found Hartzvictims.org. I was just SICK to see an actual website with reference to deaths from the product IN GENERAL, soon finding stories that caused fear so deep that I couldn’t breathe through the tears. Thanks for this, it is why I decided not to ‘Wait it out.” It was then that I realized that I was responsible for the condition of my cat, and that my dear Sunshine was unlikely to recover. I searched your website and found the Animal poison control phone number which I gave to my Veterinarian. Angel’s doctor worked with poison control to save her life. She was shocked when she saw the directions on the box for application, made the poison accessible to the animal’s tongue.

They gave her fluid under the skin to get her rehydrated, put her in a small pet carrier with a hot water bottle on each side, under towels for comfort. (Water bottles were simply plastic pop bottles filled with hot tap water… clever- nice shape for a kitty.) AND the real HELPER was that they gave her the medication Prednisolone to relax her muscles. The local pharmacy had it, as the Vet clinic didn’t usually carry it. I don’t know how much she had at the clinic, but the directions on the bottle say, “Give one half tab orally twice a day for two days then a half a tab once a day for two days, then one half a tab every other day, until gone. There were 5 pills in the bottle and the tablets were 5 mg.”

She stayed at the Vet clinic overnight for observation – The tremors were SO SEVERE, that they kept knocking her little head down.

I mailed the bills and remaining product to Hartz and they paid the bill, refunded me for the product, and I assume paid my Poison Control Bill. Poison Control’s answering message states that there is a $50.00 charge for calls, but they said not to worry about it, as Hartz may pick up the charges.

I was appalled to find it on the WalMart shelves, when I searched for a new toy for my now, spry again Sassy Cat.

Anyway, thanks to you, I can now tell this story somewhat calmly, with my little Angel baby by my feet!