Long term effects of Hartz 3-in-1?

It was over 2 1/2 years ago that I poisoned my baby by applying the Hartz 3-in-1 flea and tick drops. After a night on an IV at the emergency animal hospital, and another day being monitored at my regular vets, thankfully he survived.

Is there any evidence of long term effects of this product? In my case, my cat has suffered from occasional twitches ever since the flea drop incident. Now we are fighting Mast cell tumors. It may just be a coincidence, but I have to wonder if there is a connection.


My little 1 year old kitty Lola had NEVER been sick a day in her life. I bought Hartz flea drops at the first sight of fleas. Within an hour, she stated having seizures and was hiding and dopey looking. I took her into the emergency room and the vets told me she almost died and had to stay there for the day hooked up to IVs. Luckily she came through it alright. It was so scary…I wish I had known about this website before I bought the drops for her.

Not Just Flea Treatment, but Cat Shampoo Poisons too!

Two years ago, my 2 year-old himalayan nearly died from the residue left by Hartz Hairball & Conditioning Shampoo. Poor Carson… he kept trying to jump in the shower with me. He was trying to tell me something! As he licked the ‘leave-in’ conditioner left in his coat, he became lethargic and stopped eating. His round blue eyes were little slits and he could barely walk. He looked gorgeous and was so young –how would I know? And the vet didn’t know either. All tests indicated poisoning.
He’s an indoor cat and I have chemical sensitivities myself, so he is not exposed to any harsh chemicals, plants or food. Yet he got worse and it was apparent he was dying. Vet treatments were aggressive, as they needed to address his VERY high liver enzymes. But…He wasn’t getting better.

In desperation, I looked at my calendar and it clicked ! I realized he became ill immediately following the “Hartz’ bath. So I threw him in the sink that freezing Sunday morning, washed him with baby shampoo and blew him dry. Holding him in my arms in a blanket, he acted so appreciative and began to perk up. In 2 days he was significantly improving. He required serious medication and fluids injected bi-daily under the skin, but he recovered.

Nothing worked until I removed the chemical offender! I contacted Hartz and they called the ingredients “proprietary” … which is legal-ease for ‘poisonous chemicals’ in my opinion. His immune system remains impaired and my vet bills have been significant, but he’s alive… no thanks to Hartz. Proof? No. Common-Sense, Logical Conclusion? You Betcha! BEWARE of ALL Hartz products.

Hartz Kills Puppies

I had a Rottweiler puppy that we were treating for fleas about four years ago. We did not usually use Hartz but seen an advertisement for it and decided that it would be alright to try it out. Our oldest dog which was a Lab and a Chow mix had no side effects or no problems with the flea spray. I guess because her fur was thicker than the Rotts it did not get to her pores as much. Anyhow, our puppy unfortunately after a week seemed to be extremely sleepy, irratable, and always down in the basement (which he rarely ever went without one of us). On Friday of the same week we bought the Hartz we stopped using it because we had some doubt that it was making him the way he was. By Saturday he was not eating at all and could not even walk! We immediately took him to the emergency vet where they told us he might die and he is dehidrated. Long story short he died that afternoon and we were devistated. About three years later I was watching the news and saw a man talking about his cat having seizures and dying from the use of Hartz products. His animal had the same syptoms as ours did and that is when I finally realized that our poor little Rottweiler died from our using Hartz to prevent fleas.
Our dog sure didn’t have fleas but I would have took that and tried to prevent it another way than over his untimely death.

Flea Shampoo Incident

My cat had some fleas so I bathed him in Hartz flea shampoo and rinsed it off in the tub. Shortly afterwards he had been licking his fur and started foaming at the mouth and gasping. I immediately phoned the vet for help and he ordered me to re-bath the cat with human shampoo. My cat was not even a year old at the time and I was only 20 years old so I didn’t know any better. the vet scolded me for using such a product on my pet which I thought was ironic because it was sold EVERYWHERE.

My cat turned out to be fine after drinking water and getting that toxic substance out of his fur even though I’m sure plenty got absorbed into his bloodstream. I was very lucky. today he is a happy 14 year old ball of fluff with a history of periodontal disease, a heart murmur, and kidney problems controlled through prescription food. I’ll never know if I contributed to those health problems.

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My friends dog is scratching her fur off after using Hartz Flea and Tick Drops

Please help us. Wiggles is a dachshund and so sweet and cute. My friend applied the Hartz drops and she started scratching. First it was scab like and now her fur is gone. I told my friend to rinse her with water only (very gently), I do know that the K-9 species have different pH balance than us. The Vet is not open yet and wiggles is going crazy
what should we do until we can get her to the doctors?


FYI… My friend has owned her pet store for 15 years and she is beside herself!

Willing to help get this toxic product off the shelves!

Kiersten my e-mail is
[email protected]

3 Sick Kitties

I bought the Hartz 4-in-1 product today and placed it on all three of my cats, ages 12, 7, and 3. The instant I put it on my baby, she took off wailing. I instantly washed it off of her but she kept licking her back. The other two were fine for a few hours. I went online searching what was wrong with my cats, and stumbled across this site. After reading some stories posted here, I immediately bathed my cats with shampoo. I watched them for a few hours, and finally had enough. I took them to the emergency room-thankfully we have one close that is 24/7-they bathed the two older ones and had to sedate the other for bathing. The two older ones were ready to come home when the youngest of the two starting twitching, so he stayed the night as well. This product should not still be on the market. This company and the store that I purchased this product from will be hearing from me. I do not know how much good it will do but I will try my hardest.

After-Effects of Hartz 3-in-1 Poisonings

On November 10, 2004 I came home to find my cat lying curled up in a ball in the living room floor and was on the verge of death. Flo has always been a lazy girl and I really didn’t notice anything that odd about her behavior that morning when I left for work. She was in her usual spot lounging, she is the typical night prowler that sleeps all day. I had given her Hartz 3-in-1 flea drops a day before as well as my two other cats. We had purchased Frontline in the past, but for some reason we thought we would try a different brand and see how it worked, unknowing of the drama and pain that it has caused with so many families. Our other two babies were not affected, but Florence wasn’t so lucky. The shock of seeing her lying there, practically lifeless, having seizures, her eyes uncontrollably twitching left to right is an image I will never forget.
I had never heard of anything like this until my veterinarian was trying to figure out what she had ingested. Her symptons were almost the same as an animal that had been poisoned with anti-freeze. She was at the vet for 11 days, in which she was in an incubator for four days, iv’s in each arm and on tranquilizers to keep her sedated to try to keep the seizures at bay and relaxed. We now have her home with us, but her quality of life is terrible. The after-effects and the care of an animal that survives this are painstakingly trying. Our cat still can not climb…does not have a reflex to do so. Her left side of her body is now strengthening, but it is almost like she is a stroke victim…her head is still leaning leftward at all times and still walks with a weird gait since the muscle control in her rear end is off as well. She has no sense of bladder control still almost two months later. There have been times she has jumped on the furniture and urinated, then went to the fireplace to cover it up and then went to the area of the house where her litter box is.
The neuorological after-effects of the survivors are trying, but she is still the same loving, compassionate girl she always was. If anyone’s pet has had these same after-effects and knows if there is a chance that she will recover anymore than she has I would sincerely appreciate it. I have once again consulted my veterinarian and they just want to bring her in to do more toxicity tests on her and that is not really what I want to put her through….cat physical therapy would be a good thing 🙂

My kitty was helpless

New years eve my husband and i came home and i was petting my 2 1/2 year old cat i thought i saw a flea on him. He has never had them but i babysat my friends cat the week before and thought maybe… So i had some Hartz 3in1 flea drops in my cupboard just incase they ever got fleas and decided to use it thinking if they do have fleas they will be gone if they don’t no harm done. I put it on my 8 year old first she has had them before and never had a reaction, then my baby. I went to bed. The next morning he wasn’t anywhere to be found so i looked and called nothing, i finally found him in the back corner of a closet his eyes were dialated and he was shaking and when he walked over to me he was crouching and it seemed hard for him. i immediately grabed the box and read the directions, Gave him a bath washed him twice, gave him some kitty treats and water and went on line. I found this! It was new years day so there were no vets open i called the emergency # the vet called back and told me to watch him if he starts to thow-up call back right away and bring him in, if not then within 48hours if he isn’t drinking or eating then to bring him in. Well miraculously by that evening he was pretty much back to himself, he cleaned himself for like 3 hours cuz he never had a bath before(he’s pretty anal and keeps himself clean). I am so thankful he’s fine. i would love to destroy Hartz for this i don’t know what i would have done if he died. He is just like my own child.