Thank God for my Friend

Today, 1-16-05, I bought Hartz for my cat instead of going through my vet, which I normally do (Advantage), to get rid of a small flee problem. My cat is 14, Minx, and she has been with me from my first time in high school, first boy friend, heart ache, engagement, and marriage. She is my child. After the first hour she started to twitch her leg a lot and just act different than her usually self. I did not think much of it since she tends to have an outrages personality. I called one of my friends and talked about my day with her and mentioned Hartz. She immediately informed me to buy Dawn soap and scrub Minx down. Three months ago her two Siamese almost died from Hartz after a 3 day vet stay over. When I got back from the store, my cat was walking like she was drugged. She is starting to get better, though mad that she got a bath. Thank God for my friend, but I cannot believe that this product is on the market. Shame on Petco for selling this product and not informing its consumers and Shame on Hartz for continuing to allow this product to remain on the market. Guaranteed if this was intended for humans the FDA would have something to say about this. To bad the regulations are not as stringent for animals as they are for humans.

Another Hartz victim :(

We used the Hartz flea serum on the back of two of our cats’ necks. One is fine and the other started having seizures. She’s in the hospital right now. We are hoping and praying that she’ll come through all right. In researching this online I ran across this website. Thank God some one is doing something about this! When we talked to our vet and he said this happens so regularly it’s surprising the product is still on the market. He said a lot of cats don’t make it! I think we got ours there in time, so I’m out of my panicked stage and expressing my anger now!

Hartz caused my cat’s hair to fall out and skin to bleed ..

I feel so lucky that this story does not end like so many of the others … I applied Hartz flea and tick drops – the one for 10lbs and under to my adult cat one evening. I followed all the directions EXACTLY, gave my kittie a treat for being so good, and went to bed.

In the morning, I was shocked to see a 3″x4″ hunk of hair gone from my cat’s back. The area was bleeding. I immediately took my cat to the vet – the usual doctor we go to was not available, so I saw the first vet I could find who proceeded to accuse me of doing something wrong then suggested that it wasn’t the Hartz product at all. Instead, he thought that my cat had cancer. (Now I certainly don’t have a degree in veterinary medicine, but what idiot thinks a cat has cancer b/c his hair fell out after a flea and tick treatment?)

Anyway, I made an appointment for my usual vet and took my cat in as soon as possible. Luckily, he never went into seizures. The assistant at my usual vet asked what the problem was and when I told her she knew immediately what I was talking about. She bumped me up to emergency status, bypassed the other morning appointments and the vet gave my cat a bath with mild shampoo and gave him a complete exam checking for accellerated heat-rate, etc. She said I was very lucky that my cat had not gone into seizures or died.

It took a long time for my cat’s hair to grow back and I was forced to put him in baby t-shirts to keep him from scratching adn further damaging the area. It is now 3 years later and he still occasionally scratches the area until there is no hair.

I have written to Hartz and never recieved a response. I sent in details on their web site and never received a response. It is clear from their web site that they know there is a problem and flat out don’t care. Perhaps I am simply naive, but I cannot believe that a company can be aware of this type of problem and thumb their nose at the general public without any detriment to their bottom line.

I hope this site and other like it will raise this problem in the public’s awareness so that the deaths of innocent animals will stop.

hartz killed my dog

I was away from my home town and my poodle dog had some fleas so i went out and got hartz control onespot and put it on her as the box said. well this was tues nov 23 2004 , she was tired and sleeply that day and wednesday.she hardly moved much wasnt really herself , well thursday she was not well i came back to my home town at 1230 that afternoon i gave her a bath at 1 well she wouldnt even stand and well she got so bad that she couldnt stand or even keep her head up, i called the vet made a app but she got worst i took her there 1 hour before my app. my dog was dying well they took her temp and heart rate and i told them what i had given her the hartz product and the vet said i wish they wouldnt sell that product . she was giving her a 50/50 chance if she could get a iv into my dog but there was no luck her veins were collasping.well they worked on my dog for over a hour and she did die. 2 days after i gave her that hartz control onespot, nov 25th 2004 ive been reading up on this product and its unreal how many animals have died from this its so sad why they have this on the market. this product contains permethrin 45.0 % and that is a pesticide will kill cats dogs. i have been reading all these reports on the computer from canada of what ppl had to go through with dying pets from using this product .i want ppl to know how bad this product is and if u love your pet you wont use it. it sure made me feel like i killed my dog if i never put this on her she would be here with me now. please do your own search on this product and let the ppl know. it will kill your pets

Better Business Bureau

I am trying to find any information I can about the company…not so easy. Haven’t been able to find President, etc. since they were purchased by Sumitomo. Sounds like they were purchased by a venture capitalist.

Have people filed complaints with the BBB? It’s just a thought, but…could this help?

my VET told me Hartz was BAD!!!


In 2001 I took my dogs to their annual Veternarian appointments.
The vet informed me herself
never to use Hartz products on my dogs. The hospital had seen countless situations where Hartz had killed innocent lives! I had been using the hartz puppy shampoo back then and hadn’t noticed my dogs react poorly (of course I discontinued use immediately!). However, my previous dog (Yellow lab – passed away at 16 yrs old) starting taking the Hartz Heartworm mediaction. He passed away shortly there after. I just figured it was from old age. Now, I’m wondering if it was Hartz.

I never knew…..

I have two cats, who i absolutley love and adore. I started noticing fleas on them. well i just wish now that i would have seen this websight before now because i never knew. I put the hartz on the back of their neck. My beautiful lilac siamese constantly licks and scratches and actually pulls little hunks of her hair out, it is from that hartz treatment. it also burned the hair on her neck where i put it. she seems so uncomfortable in her skin now.My other cat constantly scratches that place on his neck where i put the hartz. I cant believe the horrible state my cats are in because of that treatment.

No Silver lining.

I’m submitting this story for my aunt who wanted people to hear about the horrors of Hartz Flea and Tick repellants.
She had a wonderful Himalayan named Silver because of his coat color.
He was truely her best friend and the first cat she owned that her husband let stay in the house.
After getting a new cat (Bell) that had fleas she decided to treat them both with the Hartz drops.
After treating Silver the other cat got lose from her and hide.
While she was looking for Bell she noticed Silver was acting funny.
He was lethargic and started to take seizures.
She rushed him to the vet but sadly by that time the damage had been done.
Silver was paralyzed from the middle of his back to his back legs.
The seizures also left him with brain damage and the vet said there was nothing to do but give him a humane ending.
My aunt was heartbroken but told me that she was glad that Bell had been spared the same fate.
Neither her nor I knew then that this had happen to so many family’s and their loved ones.
I heard about the website and looked it up wondering if this was true and sadly it was.
I just wish more could be done to stop this from happening to others and their beloved pets.
Thank you for being here for us to have an outlet and a voice.
Yours truly.

Zoe was a great cat… until hartz

one night i’m sitting on my couch, watching tv, reviewing my studies for an exam with my cat zoe curled up next to me, where she always seemed to be. I spotted a flea on her and grabbed the hartz three in one pack i had bought not to long before just in case of fleas, it was the correct weight size for my beautiful white loving cat and of course i trusted a name as well known as hartz. So i applied the tube and it wasn’t long after that Zoe started to act strange, she began jumping on things.. heart beating rapidly as if she were scared. The next day i thought she would be fine.. but she continued to act strangely, i washed the hartz off of her as best as i could. Then i went online to look the product up, and i found this website, i got highly upset thinking i may have just completly harmed my cat, without any knowledge that i was doing so, i wanted to kill the Fleas, not hurt the cat. Now i’m sitting at home, i took her to the vet and they told me she was having muscle tremers and her temperture isnt correct, they are trying to get it to come down.. but if it doesn’t Zoe will no longer be here whenever i come home, I hope NO ONE uses this product on there animals… PLEASE DO NOT HARM YOUR ANIMALS WITH THIS PRODUCT. Someone has to stop these people.

Hartz Flea Powder =DEADLY to DOGS!!!!

My dogs had itchy ears and thinking I was HELPING them (Ha! How wrong I was!)I doused them with Hartz’ flea and tick powder (PRECISELY AS THE INSTRUCTIONS INDICATED, I might add) and applied a couple of drops of Hartz ear mite liquid to the ears of both my Labs last night. This morning my poor little female was COVERED IN HIVES and gasping for breath and foaming at the mouth. I knew she wasn’t going to make the 45 minute drive to the vet so I administered Benadryl and gave them both hour-long tub baths while my kids vacuumed the entire house 3 times and she recovered somewhat…UNTIL the Benadryl wore off and the hives came BACK – This time she just hid in the corner and I knew she was critically ill….the emergency vet prescribed steroids (prednisone) and DOUBLED the Benadryl dose and she is still feeble but breathing a little easier. I can’t believe this stuff is SOLD to people who put it on their little furry ‘family members’ who we love as much as our kids! I am horrified – and just glad she is better – but will NEVER buy another Hartz product again! As a matter of fact I am going to go on their website and leave them a copy of this and see what other products they sell and BOYCOTT ALL OF THEM! Thanks for the opportunity TO GET THIS OFF MY CHEST AND WARN OTHER DOG LOVERS!