The conclusion to our Hartz nightmare

Hi Hartz Victims people!
I posted a while back about what happened to our cat when I put the 3 in 1 drops on him. The very next day he was shaking uncontrollably, so I took him to the vet where he was diagnosed with “Hartz toxicity”. He was immediately bathed and given an IV to flush the poison out of his system. The total bill was about $300 (he had to stay overnight because sometimes the seizures can be life threatening). I contacted Hartz, and after having to document everything and provide two signed veterinarian’s statements, they finally (months later) reimbursed us. I had to provide not only the signed diagnosis, but then they asked for a signed statement by the vet that the specific cause was the hartz medication (which was pretty clear in the first signed diagnosis!). Anything to prolong the process. And each letter we got from hartz was explicit about the fact that their products are safe as can be, and they admit no wrong-doing and the only thing they admit to is some incorrect labeling, at the very worst. Yeah, the label, that’s it!!!
Maybe the letter I sent with a picture of our cat and a re-cap of what we went through finally got to someone there because they finally relented. Of course the check had all kinds of legal conditions, which meant that once cashed I agree never to pursue legal action, etc. Of course I was shocked that I got any money from them at all so I just said screw it and cashed the check. Obviously I will never use another hartz product. If anyone wants more details on our experience you can email me at [email protected] Oh — I also had to provide the packaging from the drops!!!
Hope this helps someone out there; hartz is evil and must be stopped.

Hartz killed my kitten Bozly Bear

I had bozly for 4 months and moved into an apartment that had fleas I took him to the groomer, and she mentioned that i should get flea drops to help control the fleas from comming back. Well I purchased Hartz flea drops and flea spray since every counter was full of that brand I figured it must work, boy was I wrong! I applied it on bozly I did notice that he was acting strangly the next day. Two weeks passed and he got much worse he would hide under the bed and would climb to the highest places to avoid touching the floor. I still didn’t think that the flea drops could possibly be the problem since Wal-Mart is selling it. Well two weeks after that he could barly balance, lost a tremendez amount of weight, and would have paralizing moments which were just heart breaking and the vet still could not figure out what the problem was after a month of tests and x-rays and tons of medicine. Well I didn’t trust the tests so I took he to two other vets which saw him fall over and said there was nothing wrong which was ridiculous considering he was paralized on the table. I was so upset because they said he was stable and the next day his eyes dialated and he was seizuring like crazy at the emergency clinic. They did nothing for him and guessed that it was a nuerological problem and it was not treatable. I stayed with him on Christmas day at the clinic and the next morning he was gone. I still had to pay a $600 clinic bill for my dead animal that was not treated when I asked to give him anything they can since money was not an issue, I came to find that they also never gave him an I.V after they said they would. You think you are helping your pet when in fact the Hartz company is taking our money and beloved pets because they are ignorant and selfish, but they should know that karma was made for those who poison the rose. We miss you bozly and never gave up on you. Love mom

Regarding Hartz ads on this website

Dear Hartz Victims,

It has been brought to my attention that visitors of this site have seen Hartz ads being served by Google.

I have contacted Google and inquired about advanced ad filtering.

Let it be known that I will not stand for ads that push a product that kills animals on this website.

If you see any ads that promote Hartz products, please, let me know.



my kitty suddenly died

Yesterday, January 18th, I washed both my my cats with Hartz Flea conditioning shampoo, after bathing about 1 hour both my cats were fine. I walked over to where we do our laudry and came back and found my 11 month old cat dead on the floor! No signs of anything, a friend who had a pet store came and gave my cat CPR, no response. I have an appointment with the vet tomorrow regarding the death. I have to bring his corpse and the shampoo to the vets office. If infact the shampoo was the cause of the death I plan to seek legal cousel. To all that have cats with fleas I would rather live with the fleas than have a dead cat. He was like my child, I am very heart broken and am lost without him. I have another cat who I believe looks for him all over. PLEASE do not use HARTZ products I plan to do everything in my power to spread my story to others. Sincerly Heartbroken—RIP Molson! 🙁

Our case so far.

Last night, we put Hartz’ product on both of our cats… both a larger, older Orange Tabby and a smaller one of a similar pattern but grey in coloration. This morning, the larger one was acting odd, favoring his ear as if he felt like something was running around in it. I found your site via a forum I’m a member of, and right now, I feel absolutely horrible about the fact that my actions may have killed my cat. As soon as I get home from work, my wife and I are going to bathe them both completely once more, and hope for the best. I’ll submit another entry when we learn more. Wish our kitties luck.


A close call

When I noticed just a few fleas on my cat, I went out to the store to find something to get rid of them. Unfortunately, I decided on the Harts 3-in-1 flea drops. I thought these would work well since they are supposedly similar to the Advantage line, etc, that you can buy from your vet. I followed the directions on the box and applied the drops on the back of my cat’s neck. The reaction my cat had happened quickly. Even though it was on the back of his neck he was still able to reach it and lick much of it off. His personally changed drastically. He became very lethargic and slept constantly. Fearing a bad reaction, I quickly washed the product off of him. For the next day, he would shake on and off and sleep most of the time, not at all his normal personality. Today, two days after applying it, he is beginning to act more normal, but I have noticed he is having some trouble with balance. I only hope that he can completely recover from this. I feel terrible that I put my cat in harm’s way over this. I hope that other cat owners see this website and do not make the same mistake. This product should not be on the shelves!

my poodle dog killed by hartz

i was away from my home town and my dog got some fleas, so i walked into this store and seen hartz product so i said well i will try this. well this is nov23 2004. when i put it on her that night all was ok and the next day wednesday so was walking slow and tired so i didnt really take no concerns at this time. then nov25 i was on my way back to my home town and my dog laying in the back seat of the car she didnt really look at me as i said her name and just lay there didnt move. so when arrived home at 1230 i seen she was looking better walking around outside ect . then at 1;00 she didnt look well so i called the vet made a appoint, well by 3;00 i had a feel i was going to loose my dog within them two hours she was having strokes, seizures,could not stand and was sick, so i rushed her up to the vet , i need to see vet now my dog is really sick. so i went in they took her temputure was very low and she had ask me what did u give her i said hartz flea and tick drops well the 1st thing she said was i wish they would take this damn stuff off the market . they took my dog right away into the back room and said its a 50/50 chance here we have to start a iv now. well they worked on my poor poodle for a hour and half . they couldnt get no veins in her legs they all collasped so they cut her neck tryed to get the juggler, had to give her a needle in the heart to bring her back they had lost her once. well at 445 she died all because of them drops, if i had known it was a pesticide in this product and what it did to animals i would still have my dog now. the effects it had on my dog were horrible i will never forget the day. then i called hartz and they put my throught to poison control and i told them what happen they said to me if it was a cat yes i could see it but not a dog well i said well it happen hartz killed my dog. hartz all they could say was sry well sry dont cut all the pain and suffering for the person or the pain and suffing your beloved pet had to go through. we need to get this product off the market .

Thank you…And my cats thank you !!!

I have three cats who i just love. I also have a losing battle with fleas. What is in my cabinet?….Hartz cat flea spray, Hartz flea powder and Sadly Hartz 3-in-1 flea drops (or should i say these items USE to be in my cabinet….never again)
The powder never worked, the cat flea spray did not work and i should have known it was strong cause it would take off my nailpolish if i accidently sprayed it on my fingers while i was spraying the cats. And as for the Hartz drops…………..It never dawned on me that those drops were posioning my cats. They acted so different when i put those drops on them. It burned their skin where i put it and the hair fell off them. they constantly scratched it and would try to rub it off.,they would hide and just act different. I seen this websight last week…..I AM SO THANKFUL!!! When i got home from work I immediately gave each of them a good bath, and i threw away all those hartz products. My cats seemed to feel better almost immediately. It will take their hair in those spots a little while to grow back, but they are not trying to scratch the spot anymore. I am so mad at Hartz. They should take their products off the shelves or put big warning labels on their products.
Thank you so much for having this websight, everyone needs to know the horror stories of Hartz.I know alot of animal lovers and I will definetely tell all of them about this websight.

I cant believe it!

Why? Why in the world would Hartz even make such a thing that could harm cats/kittens so much? I am JUST now finding out about all this after I got a kitten from the pound on the 7th, crawling with fleas ofcourse, took him home, read directions which said use on kittens older then 12 weeks (which he is) — a few days later hes coughing and hacking like he has hairballs, slightly opens his mouth as if he cant breathe well and now looks like hes losing his sight! WHY ISNT THERE A WARNING ON THE TV, NEWS, ETC OR RECALLS ON THIS STUFF? I dont understand with the many stories Ive seen about it, why its still on the shelf for unaware people, like myself to buy it and apply it to the animal we’ are suppose to love and care for? I feel like Ive poisoned my own cat!

Here’s what to do . . .

Things I have learned from the extreme pet reactions on the web (for any pets suffering from serious problems RIGHT NOW):

1st resort: Wash the product off very well (baby shampoo works well).
2nd resort: Call the emergency vet immediately!
3rd resort: Insist on an I. V. to replace the bad fluids with new, good fluids. Seizures will continue until this is done.