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This correspondence was sent by Dani, my colleague in this anti-Hartz crusade.

If you haven’t already, please visit Dani’s Against Hartz website.

Hi Jess,

I don’t think your aware of the fact that Hartz is paying the Vets at the ASPCA’s Poson control center to deal with all Hartz related called. That is a major conflict of interests. FOAH has members who were also given the same line about send us your dead cat for an autopsy. The results maybe liver failure, neurological problems, even an enlarged heart, but they will find that Hartz flea products had nothing to do with the death. It’s happened at least 5 times that I personal know of. Also they will not return the remains of your cat to you. I’m sure they forgot to mention that.
Hartz given millions of dollars to Vet schools too. and take three guesses where the autopsy on your cat will be done. Right a Vet at one of Hartz well bought and paid for vet schools. The deck has been very well stacked in Hartz favor by Hartz. His professional opinion will have changed by the time the autopsy results are back. Sorry for being so aburpt with you, but people have to wake up and see the light Hartz is causing serious injury and death to thousand of animals a year and they have absolutely no intention of stopping.
We need Hartz victims to join the quilt projects and follow the advice for who you need to report this to. All that info can be found at
Down with Hartz in 2005
To contact me email [email protected]

Jess writes:

After seeing my vet, she contacted the Animal Posion Control Center “ASPCA” and the Better Business Bureau of PA. I have recieved a number of phonecalls including one from Hartz themselves. It first was a message on my machine, the woman was so sorry about my lose…blah.blah,blah.. and she left her phone number. I called her back, she again apologized and was trying to be sympathic, over and over… she finally said she was so sorry to hear about my dog!!! Can you believe it.. I was like “it was my cat that passed away!” She studdered and was like I am so sorry, we hear 100’s of cases a day…..proves a point.. 100’s of cases a day! Anyway, I then contacted Animal Poision Control and spoke to a very wonderful vet. he contacted Hartz and they are paying to have Molson looked at and examined. He told me his professinal opinion is that HARTZ was defintly the “killer” for my cat. So I am sending his corpse on Monday and only time will tell! I will not stop untill I have answers— sincerely DETERMINED!

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