The conclusion to our Hartz nightmare

Hi Hartz Victims people!
I posted a while back about what happened to our cat when I put the 3 in 1 drops on him. The very next day he was shaking uncontrollably, so I took him to the vet where he was diagnosed with “Hartz toxicity”. He was immediately bathed and given an IV to flush the poison out of his system. The total bill was about $300 (he had to stay overnight because sometimes the seizures can be life threatening). I contacted Hartz, and after having to document everything and provide two signed veterinarian’s statements, they finally (months later) reimbursed us. I had to provide not only the signed diagnosis, but then they asked for a signed statement by the vet that the specific cause was the hartz medication (which was pretty clear in the first signed diagnosis!). Anything to prolong the process. And each letter we got from hartz was explicit about the fact that their products are safe as can be, and they admit no wrong-doing and the only thing they admit to is some incorrect labeling, at the very worst. Yeah, the label, that’s it!!!
Maybe the letter I sent with a picture of our cat and a re-cap of what we went through finally got to someone there because they finally relented. Of course the check had all kinds of legal conditions, which meant that once cashed I agree never to pursue legal action, etc. Of course I was shocked that I got any money from them at all so I just said screw it and cashed the check. Obviously I will never use another hartz product. If anyone wants more details on our experience you can email me at [email protected] Oh — I also had to provide the packaging from the drops!!!
Hope this helps someone out there; hartz is evil and must be stopped.

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