Molson going to be investigated

After seeing my vet, she contacted the Animal Posion Control Center “ASPCA” and the Better Business Bureau of PA. I have recieved a number of phonecalls including one from Hartz themselves. It first was a message on my machine, the woman was so sorry about my lose…blah.blah,blah.. and she left her phone number. I called her back, she again apologized and was trying to be sympathic, over and over… she finally said she was so sorry to hear about my dog!!! Can you believe it.. I was like “it was my cat that passed away!” She studdered and was like I am so sorry, we hear 100’s of cases a day…..proves a point.. 100’s of cases a day! Anyway, I then contacted Animal Poision Control and spoke to a very wonderful vet. he contacted Hartz and they are paying to have Molson looked at and examined. He told me his professinal opinion is that HARTZ was defintly the “killer” for my cat. So I am sending his corpse on Monday and only time will tell! I will not stop untill I have answers— sincerely DETERMINED!

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