I feel so stupid

I put Hartz 4 in 1 on my 2 cats and my dog all in the same day. My dog threw up within 10 minutes.
I didnt pay much attention because she does quite a lot.
My 13 year old cat threw up the next day again I didn’t get alarmed because she coughs up hair balls often but my 2 year old cat has it the worst. She keeps scratching her left ear, whinning, twitching and shaking her head. I didn’t put 2 and 2 together until my husband said it looks like she has a nervous twitch.
So I got on Hartz website and the first thing I read is the president writing a letter that their products are safe…… A light bulb went off and made me do a little more research. Boy do I feel stupid. I am even embarrased about writing this letter. When I stumbled on HartzVictim.org, I can’t even explain what I felt. I grab my cat and told my husband to help me and we washed her twice. Then I washed the dog and the older cat. When I realized that I could have lost all my pets in one day. I just started to panick. We need to stop Hartz from selling their products. I hope my cat does not have long term effects from this. I can’t believe how out of touch I felt when I read all the information out there. I keep asking myself why didn’t I ever hear about this? Thanks for this website

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