Hartz killed my kitten Bozly Bear

I had bozly for 4 months and moved into an apartment that had fleas I took him to the groomer, and she mentioned that i should get flea drops to help control the fleas from comming back. Well I purchased Hartz flea drops and flea spray since every counter was full of that brand I figured it must work, boy was I wrong! I applied it on bozly I did notice that he was acting strangly the next day. Two weeks passed and he got much worse he would hide under the bed and would climb to the highest places to avoid touching the floor. I still didn’t think that the flea drops could possibly be the problem since Wal-Mart is selling it. Well two weeks after that he could barly balance, lost a tremendez amount of weight, and would have paralizing moments which were just heart breaking and the vet still could not figure out what the problem was after a month of tests and x-rays and tons of medicine. Well I didn’t trust the tests so I took he to two other vets which saw him fall over and said there was nothing wrong which was ridiculous considering he was paralized on the table. I was so upset because they said he was stable and the next day his eyes dialated and he was seizuring like crazy at the emergency clinic. They did nothing for him and guessed that it was a nuerological problem and it was not treatable. I stayed with him on Christmas day at the clinic and the next morning he was gone. I still had to pay a $600 clinic bill for my dead animal that was not treated when I asked to give him anything they can since money was not an issue, I came to find that they also never gave him an I.V after they said they would. You think you are helping your pet when in fact the Hartz company is taking our money and beloved pets because they are ignorant and selfish, but they should know that karma was made for those who poison the rose. We miss you bozly and never gave up on you. Love mom

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