my poodle dog killed by hartz

i was away from my home town and my dog got some fleas, so i walked into this store and seen hartz product so i said well i will try this. well this is nov23 2004. when i put it on her that night all was ok and the next day wednesday so was walking slow and tired so i didnt really take no concerns at this time. then nov25 i was on my way back to my home town and my dog laying in the back seat of the car she didnt really look at me as i said her name and just lay there didnt move. so when arrived home at 1230 i seen she was looking better walking around outside ect . then at 1;00 she didnt look well so i called the vet made a appoint, well by 3;00 i had a feel i was going to loose my dog within them two hours she was having strokes, seizures,could not stand and was sick, so i rushed her up to the vet , i need to see vet now my dog is really sick. so i went in they took her temputure was very low and she had ask me what did u give her i said hartz flea and tick drops well the 1st thing she said was i wish they would take this damn stuff off the market . they took my dog right away into the back room and said its a 50/50 chance here we have to start a iv now. well they worked on my poor poodle for a hour and half . they couldnt get no veins in her legs they all collasped so they cut her neck tryed to get the juggler, had to give her a needle in the heart to bring her back they had lost her once. well at 445 she died all because of them drops, if i had known it was a pesticide in this product and what it did to animals i would still have my dog now. the effects it had on my dog were horrible i will never forget the day. then i called hartz and they put my throught to poison control and i told them what happen they said to me if it was a cat yes i could see it but not a dog well i said well it happen hartz killed my dog. hartz all they could say was sry well sry dont cut all the pain and suffering for the person or the pain and suffing your beloved pet had to go through. we need to get this product off the market .

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