my kitty suddenly died

Yesterday, January 18th, I washed both my my cats with Hartz Flea conditioning shampoo, after bathing about 1 hour both my cats were fine. I walked over to where we do our laudry and came back and found my 11 month old cat dead on the floor! No signs of anything, a friend who had a pet store came and gave my cat CPR, no response. I have an appointment with the vet tomorrow regarding the death. I have to bring his corpse and the shampoo to the vets office. If infact the shampoo was the cause of the death I plan to seek legal cousel. To all that have cats with fleas I would rather live with the fleas than have a dead cat. He was like my child, I am very heart broken and am lost without him. I have another cat who I believe looks for him all over. PLEASE do not use HARTZ products I plan to do everything in my power to spread my story to others. Sincerly Heartbroken—RIP Molson! 🙁

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