Thank you…And my cats thank you !!!

I have three cats who i just love. I also have a losing battle with fleas. What is in my cabinet?….Hartz cat flea spray, Hartz flea powder and Sadly Hartz 3-in-1 flea drops (or should i say these items USE to be in my cabinet….never again)
The powder never worked, the cat flea spray did not work and i should have known it was strong cause it would take off my nailpolish if i accidently sprayed it on my fingers while i was spraying the cats. And as for the Hartz drops…………..It never dawned on me that those drops were posioning my cats. They acted so different when i put those drops on them. It burned their skin where i put it and the hair fell off them. they constantly scratched it and would try to rub it off.,they would hide and just act different. I seen this websight last week…..I AM SO THANKFUL!!! When i got home from work I immediately gave each of them a good bath, and i threw away all those hartz products. My cats seemed to feel better almost immediately. It will take their hair in those spots a little while to grow back, but they are not trying to scratch the spot anymore. I am so mad at Hartz. They should take their products off the shelves or put big warning labels on their products.
Thank you so much for having this websight, everyone needs to know the horror stories of Hartz.I know alot of animal lovers and I will definetely tell all of them about this websight.

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