I cant believe it!

Why? Why in the world would Hartz even make such a thing that could harm cats/kittens so much? I am JUST now finding out about all this after I got a kitten from the pound on the 7th, crawling with fleas ofcourse, took him home, read directions which said use on kittens older then 12 weeks (which he is) — a few days later hes coughing and hacking like he has hairballs, slightly opens his mouth as if he cant breathe well and now looks like hes losing his sight! WHY ISNT THERE A WARNING ON THE TV, NEWS, ETC OR RECALLS ON THIS STUFF? I dont understand with the many stories Ive seen about it, why its still on the shelf for unaware people, like myself to buy it and apply it to the animal we’ are suppose to love and care for? I feel like Ive poisoned my own cat!

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