Hartz Flea and Tick Spray

New Year’s Eve 2005 I saw a few fleas on my cat Riley and after looking further I saw more by his tail and belly. I used Hartz Flea and Tick Spray on him, and I ended up taking him to my vets office then to the Animal Hospital.
The Vet said that Riley had a Toxic Shock, and asked if he got into any cleaner or any decon. Which, Riley didn’t get into ANY cleaner-it was the Flea Spray!!!!! That was the only thing that he was into (well, with help from me spraying it on him!!!)
The Vet stated that he was in poor condition, having trouble breathing, his lungs were filling up with fluid, and his body temperature dropped from 101.5 to 102.5 (normal temperature for cats and dogs) to 92.5. His body was starting to shut down-over Flea Spray!!!!!
We had to decide what we should do, whether to put Riley to sleep or see if he made it though the night. We thought that the best thing that we should do was to put the cat out of his misery, but after seeing him I couldn’t do that. Riley seemed to be alert although really sick, and when I went over to him and rubbed his neck he was loving it. My boyfriend went over to the other side and was rubbing his neck and he looked over at him. We decided then and there that we would take him home, and if he didn’t get any better we would take him back and have him put to sleep.
Well, prayers are answered-he is slowly recovering. He is getting his appetite back, after 6 days-he still has yet to have a bowl movement. But he is coming along really well. And I think that he will be OK, I have a follow up vet appointment tomorrow. So hopefully all goes well and there isn’t any permanent damage.

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