My young Bengal cat was poisoned by Hartz

At lunchtime on September 18, 2003 I noticed my 1 year old purebred Bengal, Jessie, had not eaten her food from the morning. And she did not come to the door to greet me, which was very unusual. I found her huddled under my bed. She was her usual affectionate self, but was not interested in playing or anything else, besides drinking lots of water.

She was still listless in the afternoon, and I made an appointment with the vet’s office for the next morning. I mentioned to the vet that I had applied flea treatment late in the evening of Wednesday, September 17th, but she didn’t think that had anything to do with the cat’s illness. I failed to mention that I used Hartz Advanced Flea treatment from Wal-Mart after running out of Advantage Flea treatment I’d bought from the vet’s office 6 months before.

All the lab work came back normal except for 1 biggie: Jessie had Feline Leukemia. The doctor said that since she wasn’t in contact with other cats at my home, she could be treated for symptoms and would live another 1 to 5 years. She believed Jessie had a virus that was kicking her butt because her immune system was impaired.

The vet gave her a shot that she said would perk Jessie up and she’d be OK.

We went home and Jessie did seem a bit better for a day, then became listless again. By Wednesday night she was obviously getting sicker, and I decided I’d have to get her to the vet’s office 1st thing in the morning.

Jessie died during the night. While I had suspected the Hartz flea treatment all along, I did not have any more evidence until I saw a program on a local TV station this week.

Hartz Flea and tick drops for cats toxic

12-1-04 At 4pm I applied Hartz Flea and Tick Drops to the back of my 6 year old cats neck as directed. By 10 that evening Roadie started vomiting,eyes dialated,falling sideways and losing control of his bowels. I then put him in the bathtub and washed his back with dish soap and rinsed him with several cups of water. This morning he looks ok but is not eating or drinking. Does anyone know if this is normal and will it [email protected]

My cat another victim!!

Yesterday morning I used Hartz flea and tick product on my cats neck, to come home last night to the poor thing shaking uncontrollably and almost in seizures

This is my little girls “baby” so the first thing I did was look online to see what to do I came across this website. I can not believe how many pets this is effecting!!!

Last night I took Nala(my cat) to the vet and she had a 50/50 chance of living (they said if I didn’t bring her she would have probably died) and a vet bill of $480 already!

Today they say she’s probably going to make it, but…..has to be in the vet another day
and they still aren’t sure about any long-term tremors she will have or damage!!

The thing I’m shocked about is how I used the product right….and bought it at shopright….and it’s SOO bad

I read somewhere on this site, someone contacted Hartz and got the vet bills paid, that’s my next step.
Does anyone have anymore info on that? And what steps they took.

I really can’t believe this stuff is still on the market!!!

– Erika from NJ
[email protected]

stressful allergic reaction

I Applied hartz flea drops to my cat, rudy. Later the next day my cat was breathing shallow and acting very lathargic, as well as rolling on the appilaction site. Rudy became very drowsy and not himself. I immediately called the emergency vet in my area to see if I needed to bring rudy in to see them,because I thought my cat was about to take his last breath. The reciptionist had explained that their had been many cases of cats experiencing the horrible side effects from this product. She also told us that their had also been deaths of cats from Hartz flea drops. I didn’t waste anytime. I took Rudy to them so they could help keep my cat alive. They kept Rudy over night and gave him benadryl. The next day I picked rudy up and he was still rolling on the site of the application. I was still really worried that I may not have my cat when I awoke in the moring. I stayed by my cats side all night long and in the moring he seemed to be doing better, but still irritated. I hope that this story gets to many. It’s a sham that this crap is still on the market. I feared for my cats life and experienced a very hurtful and frighting ordeal.

Siamese Cat

Best pets I ever owned , she waited for me every afternoon when I came home from work. Sat when told to ,walked with me in the woods, slept with me at night against my chest. That all ened when I bathed her in a harts product for fleas. It said it was safe on cats and kittens, but after the bath and rincing her , she licked herself dry as cats do , two hours later she was dead, poisoned the vet said. I was devistated. I cried for almost three weeks, in fact its been over 10 years now and as I write this I have tears in my eyes.
This should never have happened , they should be more careful with their products so people do not lose their beloved pets ,who to some are as special as their children.

Hartz in Canada

This is to inform all of your Canadian Victims, that their is a address and phone number for Hartz here in Canada.
Since we launch our complaint with WalMart they then sent it to Hartz and they in return sent us a letter to resolve this issue.
The address is :
Hartz Canada INC.
1125 Talbot Street, ST Thomas,
Ontario N5P 3W7
Tel: (519)631-7660
Toll free number is 1-800-275-1414
Rosemary Tini is their Consumers Relations Department.
Please all Canadians start contacting them even the United States let us stand together for our pets(family) let us be their voices, strong and clear.

Thanksgiving Turkey becomes Hartz Victim

Two years ago, when a stray cat turned up on Thanksgiving, we adopted him and named him “Turkey”.
In October, our cats had a major a flea problem, so we purchased Hartz Advanced Care Flea & Tick Drops. At first, both cats seemed fine, but as time passed Turkey began attacking his fleas viciously. While I was out of state, my husband reported Turkey had had a grand mal type seizure. When I returned, I decided to observe him, and he seemed OK for several days. Then, on Sunday before Thanksgiving, Turkey fell from the sofa back and lit near my arm, biting me several times (an involuntary action).
After three trips to the dr for me and a trip to the vet for him, Turkey is on anti-seizure meds and sleeps all the time. We have another visit to the vet coming up and no idea how long he’ll be on the meds. After reading other comments, I’m sure it was the Hartz product that caused this reaction. I’m thankful that this may be a temporary condition and he may once again be the gentle, fun-loving cat I know him to be.

My horrifying morning thanks to Hartz

This morning around 3am, I was snuggling with my 6 month old kitten, Zophiel, when I noticed she had a small piece of dirt on her face. I grabbed it to pull it off, and then it crawled into her fur and away from my grasp. Oh no! I thought. A flea. So, I thought it would be best to drive to the store and pick up some flea and tick drops to prevent a possible problem before it starts. I have 3 cats who interact with each other constantly and illnesses/parasites spread rapidly.

I came home and administered the Hartz drops for Cats and Kittens on all three of my babies. They didn’t like it, but they seemed okay with it. This morning I left to have some work done on my car. When I came back, I found a note in my email from 2 friends telling me to NEVER use Hartz because it is dangerous. I didn’t take it seriously until I looked up all the information on the internet.

A bit nervous, I walked around the house and did a kitty-check. Mr. M was fine, Zophie was ok… but where was my baby Sevena? I found her under a table, breathing heavily and unable to move around. When she did move, her back legs were jerking and twitching. Her head and ears were also twitching. Her eyes had a very frightened, creepy gaze.

I immediately rushed her to the vet. I spent all morning shaking and crying. When we arrived, I was shaking more than poor Sevena was. The vet said this happens all the time and if I had waited any longer my baby might have had a seizure and DIED.

Sevena is still at the vet right now. She is going to be there all day. After a $200 vet bill, I came home and washed that HORRIBLE POISON off my other two cats before they get sick too.

I am speechless, I cannot believe that my beloved, beautiful cat almost lost her life morning over one flea.


WELL IT’S ME AGAIN, I just lost my little Princess, she was very sick even two months after I put those drops on her.. I lost Angel first then three days later I lost my lovely cuddles… and now they are all gone…. AND MY HEART IS SO HEAVY I WILL HAVE A HARD TIME GETTING THROUGH THE HOLIDAYS…. I JUST WANT TO LAY DOWN BESIDE THEM AND GO WITH THEM . BUT I STILL HAVE A TWO YEAR OLD POODLE…. WHOM I ADORE…..
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