At the vets office

I work at a veterinary emergency clinic as an office manager. I rarely work with the patients just behind the desk but I could not ignore the commotion in the lobby about a week ago when a frantic woman ran into the clinic with her cat having a seizure. The nurse immediately took the cat and started working on it while the veterinarian tryed getting some ideas about what could have happened. She found out that only two hours earlier the owner put the Hartz Flea & Tick Drops on that baby. Although this baby was saved, I was still in shock about the whole ordeal. While talking to the nurses and veterinarian I found out that this is not an unusal situation. I just can not beleive that they are still allowed to sell this toxic poison. I have done some research, emailed news stations & newspapers of my findings. I have also wrote a letter explaining the dangers of it and put some of your stories with it that I plan to give to every store I know that sells the crap. I think if we can work together on this we may be able to get the poison off the shelves. Even though I haven’t had one of my babies die or be seriously ill because of it, I still have seen what it does and plan to fight for all of them that have.

Don’t be fooled ~ Organophosphates Insecticides

Please don’t be fooled into thinking this is just a Hartz problem. I hope everyone is aware that this problems stems from a product called Organophosphates Insecticides. This chemical is used by many different companys who produce flea and tick products. I have listed more products below to avoid along with a link for those who are intersted in learning more about this chemical.

Very upset in Florida

I got a call from my beloved daughter from the North West area. She has owned, loved and cherished her cat named Sukee. This past week she called me and told me she had put some Hartz medication on Sukee’s neck, and he was acting very strange. She said she had only used half a tube on the back of his neck. Right away he became very irritated in the spot she put the flea medication on. She said within an hour he had become irratated and rolling around on the floor. His neck within a day had broken out and she had to shave his neck region to give hime relief. Within a week, he was literally becoming very ill. She called the vet and rushed him in yesterday. The vet said he was poisened from the Hartz flea medication and had to have his whole system flushed. The vet could not reassure my daughter that he would make it through the night. This is a tragic story. We pray Sukee will make it through this. Shame on Hartz for allowing such a deadly product to be on the market. This is totally rediculous! Tell all your friends to NEVER use this product. It has pesticides in it that was taken off the market because of it’s danger. Shame, Shame on HARTZ!

Very upset in Florida!

Flea Dip Reaction

Several years ago, I rented a vacation cabin in the mountains. Pets were allowed, so I took my cat with me. It didn’t take us long to figure out that the cabin was infested with hundreds of hungry, biting fleas. The only place we could find to buy anti-flea supplies was Wal-Mart. I got some Black Flag spray for the cabin and (shudder) a bottle of Hartz flea dip for the cat. I dipped the cat, and he howled and protested loudly. I figured he was just mad the same way he gets mad when I wash him. He ran away and hid under some furniture. We went to bed for the night. In the morning, I was ready to feed and brush the cat. I couldn’t find him. I searched everywhere till I found him crammed into a corner underneath a dresser. He was NOT RIGHT. He was emitting a horrible stink and his entire backside and genital area were horribly swollen. His abdomen was puffy. He had not used the kitty pan for over 12 hours. I grabbed the telephone book in a panic and called random veterinarians until one would agree to see him on an emergency basis. She examined him, treated him with steroids and antibiotics, and directed me to wash him thoroughly to get rid of the Hartz poison. Luckily the treatment worked fast, and later that day he was eating and using the kitty pan normally.

I never bothered to confront the Hartz company, because I knew they would just blow me off. I’ve been getting my flea control products from the catalog of Drs. Foster & Smith ever since and have had no more problems with reactions.

Bad Reaction

I have been boycotting Hartz for the past 6 years after I had to rush my twitching, convulsing cat to the vet the morning after applying Hartz Flea and Tick drops. Luckily, I got her to the vet in time, and she is with me today, but I still feel the guilt from poisoning her with that stuff. I tell everyone I know with pets the story to dissuade them from using Hartz products.

Whiskers – This happened 13 years ago

In 1990, I was 10 years old. My dad, who was in the Navy, was about to be shipped off to the 1st Gulf War. A week before he left, he took me to the local pet store and let me pick out a kitten as an early birthday present. I found a gorgeous calico female kitten that I named Whiskers. That cat helped me get through the gut wretching experience of having my dad in the war. A year and a half later after my dad came back, Whiskers started acting wierd after I gave her a bath and did the normal flea treatment. I will remember to this day that I used a Hartz flea bath that my mom bought at the local grocery store. Well, this time after this bath, Whiskers started twitching and shaking. I did not understand that it was a seizure, but I knew something was wrong. My parents immediately took her to the vet where they told them that it was the flea bath from Hartz that had caused irreparable brain damage. They offered to put Whiskers to sleep. But my parents could not do it because of how upset I would get. They brought home Whiskers and explained to me that she was sick and was going to die soon. A week later, Whiskers died in my arms after having another seizure. I will never forget that horrible experience and that it could have been prevented. Hartz is irresponsible for the way that they put these products on the market that are so dangerous.

A shocking thanks.

Well, not entirely a victim story as opposed to a very, very glowing thank you for having this website up and allowing people like me to learn of the hazards of Hartz products BEFORE using them. I’m the owner of two Abyssinians, Laker (12 years) and Allie (5 years). As we live on a beach-island, that of Fire Island in New York, there are things that everyone who owns felines who occasionally go outside for walks and then come back into the house — or other people’s houses — must do to keep their cats on the island.

One of them is to keep all cats treated for fleas and ticks … which, due to the amount of roaming deer one sees just walking around with ticks feeding off them, makes sense. We’ve always used Frontline on our little ones, but had considered changing products due to sparse money considering the fact that our third pet, a dog at the age of ten, is suffering from cancer and requires expensive treatment.

After reading this website, there is no way I’m taking my cats off of Frontline. Thanks so much for existing so I can save my babies before anything even attempts to hurt them.

Now I know

I had a kitten awhile back, who died under strange circumstances, but this web site (which I happened to stumble across) has shed some light onto what might have happened. He was a beautiful all gray kitten, with big green eyes, I called him Ash. He liked to escape outdoors, and would spend hours outdoors before I could coax him back in.

Of course he developed fleas. I ran to the store and found the Hartz Advanced Care Flea, or whatever it is called, and promptly applied it.

At this point he moved into my parent?s home, since my roommate at the time, developed allergies. My folks loved him, and he had a huge house to run around in. A few days later, my father found Ash sleeping next to the sliding glass door in their family room. He called to him, and he didn’t respond. When my dad reached down to touch him he realized something was wrong. Ash had gone to sleep and wasn’t going to wake up. They said he was a quiet cat that slept a lot, but noticed nothing else out the ordinary.

The vets said they could try to figure out the cause of death, but I didn’t have the money. All they said was, maybe he got into some poison.

It NEVER occurred to me that the flea treatment I had been applying might be the cause. I know this isn’t hard evidence, but there is nothing else he could have gotten into. He didn’t go outside once at my folks, and it’s odd that he died shortly after the first application of this treatment.

A day in the life of a vet

As part of my job as a small town reporter, I was doing a “day in the life” series. One of my first was the veterinarian that treats my cat.

While I was there, a phone call came in. A lady who had been treating her cat with Hartz for several months had given her the monthly dose. The cat had become disoriented, dizzy, and her pupils were dialated. I don’t recall if there were seizures involved, but the woman was frantic.

The vet immediatly told her to wash the cat, before doing anything else. And then they brought her in for treatment. The poor cat supposedly had beautiful blue eyes, but I couldn’t see them because her pupils were so large the iris was gone. She bumped into the sides of her cage, and generally looked confused and uncomfortable. Because the vet gave her an insecticide antidote quickly enough, the cat was saved.

But the vet told me the numbers of cats that were brought in after being poisoned by Hartz. I couldn’t beleive it, especially when she said that quite a few of them don’t survive because they aren’t brought in quickly enough.

Veterinarians are very knowledgable, and now before I use any product on my cat I ask if it’s safe or just buy it directly from her.