On October 11, I put Hartz 2 in 1 on my three cat’s backs and within one half hour, one of my kittens ears were twitching. I didn’t think anything of it at the time because I thought she just didn’t like the meds on her back. I took my daughter out and four hours later, I came back. I looked at my cat and she was having grand mal seizures on my couch. I called the emergency vets and they told me to bring her in as soon as possible. I had also put the meds on my other three kittens so we loaded them in the car. One of my kittens had to stay overnight, but the other three could come home. The vet said that they have people in their office every day because of this product. I was one of the lucky ones. My kittens are all doing fine…after spending $400 at the vets, but I wrote a letter to the Hartz Corporation and they did eventually send me a refund for the vets bill along with an apology. They still didn’t admit that the product is hazardous to cats, but we all know that it is. Since then I’ve managed to get at least one Wal-Mart to take it off their shelves. The manager did it right in front of me which made me feel like someone actually believed me. I called Stop and Shop’s headquarters, but they didn’t listen to me…basically blown off….but I’m going to keep trying becuase we all know that this stuff is garbage. Also, I contacted every vets office in my immediate area…15…and they all said that they have heard about this product and they also all agree that it should be taken off the market immediately…What else can I do to help????

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