Hartz killed my Cat

I bathed my 3 year old cat Logan in Hartz flea and tick conditioning shampoo… within the hour he started acting very strange. He was becoming very lethargic, he seemed off balance, he was vomiting, and not eating or drinking. I called my friend who is a vet. He told me to keep him calm and still, and to wash him in Ivory dish sop to get any remainder of the chemicals in the shampoo off of him. I did this and monitored him over night. The next day he seemed a little more alert, but was still not moving much. He appeared to be a little better. However later that afternoon he began having troube breathing, and started having convulsions. I picked him up as quickly as I could and headed for the Vet’s office. We sadly never made it there. Logan died laying on my lap in the car. This was a family pet. my 7 year old son, and 5 year old daughter had to watch the animal they loved die in front of them because of this terrible product.

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