Hartz Didn’t Even bother responding to me

Hi, I am what you would call a ‘Cat Lady’ I guess. I have 5 beautiful healthy cats, aside from my Hartz incident I have had only one ‘problem’ with my cats and that was an allergic reaction to a bug bite, I include this to show that they are indeed very healthy.
I bought a Hartz Flea & Tick collar, I was short on cash so was waiting until the next day to buy the other 4 collars. I had treated my apartment for fleas and felt it was safe for the girls to re enter the environment and thought a flea collar would be good for the first week to make sure no re infestation occured.
I chose the cat by simply deciding, Whoever I catch first, gets the glowing pink collar, the rest are safe for the night. I never realized how true that thought was.
My poor baby Gracie, she’s my white Siamese with perfect points and perfect attitude, slept on top of door by 3 or 4 months old, yup, perfect Siamese attitude.
I take medications so usually once I am asleep I am like the dead, its near impossible to wake me unless you physically move me. God was watching this night.
Around 2am I think, I woke up because the girls playing didn’t sound right. I felt panicky because like I said,nothing wakes me up. I got up to check and when I turned on the hall light, they were all together making a racket around the baby Gracie, who was ‘flopping’ due to the collar going down her throat like a horse bit and choking her. I kept my cool, scooped her and ran to the bathroom where I realized it was more unsafe to try to cut it off, it was simply too tight, I would add, this was the ‘safer’ stretchy-like material collar, well, stretchy my butt, uncooked spaghetti has more stretch to it. The baby Gracie seemed to understand that I was helping her as she relaxed, I could feel her muscles letting go. I had to un-do the clasp closure area, adding at least another minute to the hell she was experiencing.
I got it off, she had broken off several nail digging at her mouth and the blasted collar trying to free herself so those were bleeding, her lips, mouth, the whole area was all dug up by her nails and her trying to get free. She was frothing at the mouth and nose, I don’t know if the blood was part of the froth or due to the scratches she self inflicted. I was sure she would die. I spent the next, eternity it felt like, sort of draping her over the edge of the sink, singing to her and talking to her while pouring cool water over her mouth and using my fingers to wipe and clean her nose. I wanted to try to get all the toxens out. Around 4 am, when the girls are normally at the height of their playing, not one of the others was playing and I took Gracie to bed and didn’t sleep while she did, I was sure she was not going to wake up.
It took several days and at least one call to my local vet, who, bless her heart, didnt charge me, for Gracie to seem a little more like herself.
I accept responsibility for using the damn flea collar, I knew better but thought, its a stretch kind and for a very short term. It was the toxins, I think Gracie would have simply had a few scratches to her mouth etc and a really bad hatred for me if it was simply a collar without the poison. As it was, I nearly lost her. I sent off letters to every Animal rights org. that I belonged to and a few I didn’t.
I probably would have had more luck phoning the Queen of England than I did finding an address for Hartz! I finally found a website that admitted to being connected to Hartz and I shot off an email, attaching a copy of the letters I had sent to the various orgs. that make it easy to contact themselves.
Too date, more than 2 years, closer to 3, I have had no response from Hartz. Not even a form letter. I asked for nothing from them except an acknowledgement that while following the instructions for use to the letter, serious problems can arise. I wanted them to simply be responnsible and warn their customers that no matter how vigilant you are, it could still be fatal.
Gracie is full grown and a big ol’ pain in the butt so she suffered no lasting affects from it, and I am proud to say, she can jump from sitting position on the floor to the should of a 6 foot+ tall man. Now thats a healthy siamese. And a scary one too, for company at least!
I was told by someone, and I am sorry I can’t think of who, that Hartz sells products for pets under more than one name, same product, different packaging. If there is any truth to that, I wanted to share it.
Thanks for letting me get this off my chest, its still scary when I think of it.

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