At the vets office

I work at a veterinary emergency clinic as an office manager. I rarely work with the patients just behind the desk but I could not ignore the commotion in the lobby about a week ago when a frantic woman ran into the clinic with her cat having a seizure. The nurse immediately took the cat and started working on it while the veterinarian tryed getting some ideas about what could have happened. She found out that only two hours earlier the owner put the Hartz Flea & Tick Drops on that baby. Although this baby was saved, I was still in shock about the whole ordeal. While talking to the nurses and veterinarian I found out that this is not an unusal situation. I just can not beleive that they are still allowed to sell this toxic poison. I have done some research, emailed news stations & newspapers of my findings. I have also wrote a letter explaining the dangers of it and put some of your stories with it that I plan to give to every store I know that sells the crap. I think if we can work together on this we may be able to get the poison off the shelves. Even though I haven’t had one of my babies die or be seriously ill because of it, I still have seen what it does and plan to fight for all of them that have.

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