Adverse Reaction = Death Sentence

On Saturday afternoon, around 2:00 PM, I put Hartz Plus on my 9 month old Siamese/Manx kitty – Marie. She was hand-raised from birth, and was my family’s most precious baby. She had gone through a lot in the four hours after the Hartz application. After an hour after applying Hartz Plus, she started to twitch — her eyes, mouth, whiskers — were all twitching. I called her to come to me, and she walked sideways, stumbling to reach me. I immediately grabbed the Hartz package and read the back, as I did twice before purchasing it. It noted that she was exhibiting the one of the signs listed as a possible adverse reaction — and I immediately bathed the product off her body. The twitching never stopped. Within the next hour, Marie had her first seizure — her eyes dilated and her body became stiff…all I could do was hold her tight and talk her through the seizure. The twitching continued until the next seizure (approximately 30 minutes after the first one) — which jolted her body with such force that she nearly bit her tongue off. Again, all I could do was hold her tight and talk to her. After another 30 minutes (or so), she had her third and final seizure. It didn’t kill her right away, she laid unconscious — in a coma-like state until her breathing ceased. By 6:00 PM, Marie was dead. My family and I were hysterically upset. It’s been so heartbreaking for my kids to have their friend ripped from them in such a violent way. The look on Marie’s face as she laid in my arms, scared — in pain. Oh, how I wish I had only read this site before, had I only researched this product prior, had I not applied your product to my baby. But, you don’t expect a product with a picture of a “happy pet” on the front of it, a product sitting on your local Walmart shelf, a product that mentions no wording on the back of the packaging that “seizures” or “death” is an adverse reaction. And no Hartz, “full body tremors” are not “seizures” — as seizures implicate brain death — which I would not classify as an “adverse reaction,” but more of a “death sentence.” Oh yes, Hartz, I blame you fully for the death of my pet — no product refund will ever bring back my baby, my Marie.

Michelle Coker
Fort Worth, TX

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