Whiskers – This happened 13 years ago

In 1990, I was 10 years old. My dad, who was in the Navy, was about to be shipped off to the 1st Gulf War. A week before he left, he took me to the local pet store and let me pick out a kitten as an early birthday present. I found a gorgeous calico female kitten that I named Whiskers. That cat helped me get through the gut wretching experience of having my dad in the war. A year and a half later after my dad came back, Whiskers started acting wierd after I gave her a bath and did the normal flea treatment. I will remember to this day that I used a Hartz flea bath that my mom bought at the local grocery store. Well, this time after this bath, Whiskers started twitching and shaking. I did not understand that it was a seizure, but I knew something was wrong. My parents immediately took her to the vet where they told them that it was the flea bath from Hartz that had caused irreparable brain damage. They offered to put Whiskers to sleep. But my parents could not do it because of how upset I would get. They brought home Whiskers and explained to me that she was sick and was going to die soon. A week later, Whiskers died in my arms after having another seizure. I will never forget that horrible experience and that it could have been prevented. Hartz is irresponsible for the way that they put these products on the market that are so dangerous.

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