Very upset in Florida

I got a call from my beloved daughter from the North West area. She has owned, loved and cherished her cat named Sukee. This past week she called me and told me she had put some Hartz medication on Sukee’s neck, and he was acting very strange. She said she had only used half a tube on the back of his neck. Right away he became very irritated in the spot she put the flea medication on. She said within an hour he had become irratated and rolling around on the floor. His neck within a day had broken out and she had to shave his neck region to give hime relief. Within a week, he was literally becoming very ill. She called the vet and rushed him in yesterday. The vet said he was poisened from the Hartz flea medication and had to have his whole system flushed. The vet could not reassure my daughter that he would make it through the night. This is a tragic story. We pray Sukee will make it through this. Shame on Hartz for allowing such a deadly product to be on the market. This is totally rediculous! Tell all your friends to NEVER use this product. It has pesticides in it that was taken off the market because of it’s danger. Shame, Shame on HARTZ!

Very upset in Florida!

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