Now I know

I had a kitten awhile back, who died under strange circumstances, but this web site (which I happened to stumble across) has shed some light onto what might have happened. He was a beautiful all gray kitten, with big green eyes, I called him Ash. He liked to escape outdoors, and would spend hours outdoors before I could coax him back in.

Of course he developed fleas. I ran to the store and found the Hartz Advanced Care Flea, or whatever it is called, and promptly applied it.

At this point he moved into my parent?s home, since my roommate at the time, developed allergies. My folks loved him, and he had a huge house to run around in. A few days later, my father found Ash sleeping next to the sliding glass door in their family room. He called to him, and he didn’t respond. When my dad reached down to touch him he realized something was wrong. Ash had gone to sleep and wasn’t going to wake up. They said he was a quiet cat that slept a lot, but noticed nothing else out the ordinary.

The vets said they could try to figure out the cause of death, but I didn’t have the money. All they said was, maybe he got into some poison.

It NEVER occurred to me that the flea treatment I had been applying might be the cause. I know this isn’t hard evidence, but there is nothing else he could have gotten into. He didn’t go outside once at my folks, and it’s odd that he died shortly after the first application of this treatment.

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