A shocking thanks.

Well, not entirely a victim story as opposed to a very, very glowing thank you for having this website up and allowing people like me to learn of the hazards of Hartz products BEFORE using them. I’m the owner of two Abyssinians, Laker (12 years) and Allie (5 years). As we live on a beach-island, that of Fire Island in New York, there are things that everyone who owns felines who occasionally go outside for walks and then come back into the house — or other people’s houses — must do to keep their cats on the island.

One of them is to keep all cats treated for fleas and ticks … which, due to the amount of roaming deer one sees just walking around with ticks feeding off them, makes sense. We’ve always used Frontline on our little ones, but had considered changing products due to sparse money considering the fact that our third pet, a dog at the age of ten, is suffering from cancer and requires expensive treatment.

After reading this website, there is no way I’m taking my cats off of Frontline. Thanks so much for existing so I can save my babies before anything even attempts to hurt them.

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