A day in the life of a vet

As part of my job as a small town reporter, I was doing a “day in the life” series. One of my first was the veterinarian that treats my cat.

While I was there, a phone call came in. A lady who had been treating her cat with Hartz for several months had given her the monthly dose. The cat had become disoriented, dizzy, and her pupils were dialated. I don’t recall if there were seizures involved, but the woman was frantic.

The vet immediatly told her to wash the cat, before doing anything else. And then they brought her in for treatment. The poor cat supposedly had beautiful blue eyes, but I couldn’t see them because her pupils were so large the iris was gone. She bumped into the sides of her cage, and generally looked confused and uncomfortable. Because the vet gave her an insecticide antidote quickly enough, the cat was saved.

But the vet told me the numbers of cats that were brought in after being poisoned by Hartz. I couldn’t beleive it, especially when she said that quite a few of them don’t survive because they aren’t brought in quickly enough.

Veterinarians are very knowledgable, and now before I use any product on my cat I ask if it’s safe or just buy it directly from her.

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