Thanksgiving Turkey becomes Hartz Victim

Two years ago, when a stray cat turned up on Thanksgiving, we adopted him and named him “Turkey”.
In October, our cats had a major a flea problem, so we purchased Hartz Advanced Care Flea & Tick Drops. At first, both cats seemed fine, but as time passed Turkey began attacking his fleas viciously. While I was out of state, my husband reported Turkey had had a grand mal type seizure. When I returned, I decided to observe him, and he seemed OK for several days. Then, on Sunday before Thanksgiving, Turkey fell from the sofa back and lit near my arm, biting me several times (an involuntary action).
After three trips to the dr for me and a trip to the vet for him, Turkey is on anti-seizure meds and sleeps all the time. We have another visit to the vet coming up and no idea how long he’ll be on the meds. After reading other comments, I’m sure it was the Hartz product that caused this reaction. I’m thankful that this may be a temporary condition and he may once again be the gentle, fun-loving cat I know him to be.

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