stressful allergic reaction

I Applied hartz flea drops to my cat, rudy. Later the next day my cat was breathing shallow and acting very lathargic, as well as rolling on the appilaction site. Rudy became very drowsy and not himself. I immediately called the emergency vet in my area to see if I needed to bring rudy in to see them,because I thought my cat was about to take his last breath. The reciptionist had explained that their had been many cases of cats experiencing the horrible side effects from this product. She also told us that their had also been deaths of cats from Hartz flea drops. I didn’t waste anytime. I took Rudy to them so they could help keep my cat alive. They kept Rudy over night and gave him benadryl. The next day I picked rudy up and he was still rolling on the site of the application. I was still really worried that I may not have my cat when I awoke in the moring. I stayed by my cats side all night long and in the moring he seemed to be doing better, but still irritated. I hope that this story gets to many. It’s a sham that this crap is still on the market. I feared for my cats life and experienced a very hurtful and frighting ordeal.

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