My horrifying morning thanks to Hartz

This morning around 3am, I was snuggling with my 6 month old kitten, Zophiel, when I noticed she had a small piece of dirt on her face. I grabbed it to pull it off, and then it crawled into her fur and away from my grasp. Oh no! I thought. A flea. So, I thought it would be best to drive to the store and pick up some flea and tick drops to prevent a possible problem before it starts. I have 3 cats who interact with each other constantly and illnesses/parasites spread rapidly.

I came home and administered the Hartz drops for Cats and Kittens on all three of my babies. They didn’t like it, but they seemed okay with it. This morning I left to have some work done on my car. When I came back, I found a note in my email from 2 friends telling me to NEVER use Hartz because it is dangerous. I didn’t take it seriously until I looked up all the information on the internet.

A bit nervous, I walked around the house and did a kitty-check. Mr. M was fine, Zophie was ok… but where was my baby Sevena? I found her under a table, breathing heavily and unable to move around. When she did move, her back legs were jerking and twitching. Her head and ears were also twitching. Her eyes had a very frightened, creepy gaze.

I immediately rushed her to the vet. I spent all morning shaking and crying. When we arrived, I was shaking more than poor Sevena was. The vet said this happens all the time and if I had waited any longer my baby might have had a seizure and DIED.

Sevena is still at the vet right now. She is going to be there all day. After a $200 vet bill, I came home and washed that HORRIBLE POISON off my other two cats before they get sick too.

I am speechless, I cannot believe that my beloved, beautiful cat almost lost her life morning over one flea.

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