My cat another victim!!

Yesterday morning I used Hartz flea and tick product on my cats neck, to come home last night to the poor thing shaking uncontrollably and almost in seizures

This is my little girls “baby” so the first thing I did was look online to see what to do I came across this website. I can not believe how many pets this is effecting!!!

Last night I took Nala(my cat) to the vet and she had a 50/50 chance of living (they said if I didn’t bring her she would have probably died) and a vet bill of $480 already!

Today they say she’s probably going to make it, but…..has to be in the vet another day
and they still aren’t sure about any long-term tremors she will have or damage!!

The thing I’m shocked about is how I used the product right….and bought it at shopright….and it’s SOO bad

I read somewhere on this site, someone contacted Hartz and got the vet bills paid, that’s my next step.
Does anyone have anymore info on that? And what steps they took.

I really can’t believe this stuff is still on the market!!!

– Erika from NJ
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