Hartz in Canada

This is to inform all of your Canadian Victims, that their is a address and phone number for Hartz here in Canada.
Since we launch our complaint with WalMart they then sent it to Hartz and they in return sent us a letter to resolve this issue.
The address is :
Hartz Canada INC.
1125 Talbot Street, ST Thomas,
Ontario N5P 3W7
Tel: (519)631-7660
Toll free number is 1-800-275-1414
Rosemary Tini is their Consumers Relations Department.
Please all Canadians start contacting them even the United States let us stand together for our pets(family) let us be their voices, strong and clear.

2 thoughts on “Hartz in Canada”

  1. am so upset, i am so sending emails to get someone hear my to help me out,,, all i want is hartz to help me with few toys for my 2 small dogs …. i lost my mother, then two after my new rescue puppy broke is leg, tried to save but he did lose front leg….. cost of laying mother to rest and vet bills … i dont have money for xmas, ask hartz to help me with toys etc for xmas … no i got only coupons,,,,, i am broke ,,, i always buy hartz. so upset

    1. Deborah, my question that I sent via email still stands as to why, even after knowing what this entire site is about, that you would purposely want to implore Hartz for something for free that could potentially kill your dogs. I sincerely hope that you’ll reconsider. Hell, go to your local grocery store or meat market. I’m sure they have a cow bone they’d gladly give your dogs to gnaw on.

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