My Poor Cat.. Another Hartz Victim Here!

I was concerned that my cat had fleas because I saw pepper like dirt in her hair. The dirt was only in her white hair around her neck and no place else. I did not see any bugs.. but we just moved to the country in July and I was concerned so trying to be a good mother I go and buy flea drops this past Monday and of course I bought Hartz not knowing that they were so dangerous. The next day I get home from work and see cat hair all over the floor when I walked in. I go to check her and see that she has red marks, raw skin where we applied it and of course has bald spots. I had a heart attack and started rinsing her with warm water. I called my neighbor (another cat owner) who suggested I put some benadryl on her skin so I did and she stopped scratching. A few hours later I rinsed her some more with warm water. We don?t have a vet yet up here cause we just moved here but I called some places who warned me that cats have died from it. I had a heart attack and started to cry. I was so scared. I watched her the next couple days and saw that she was still playful, had her usually fat cat appetite, stool was normal, etc. It?s been 6 or 7 days now and he red marks are starting to scab and look like they are trying to heal and the itching has just about stopped. She appears to be just fine. I WANT THAT STUFF OUT OF PET STORES TO SAVE OTHERS. I think I was very lucky after reading other peoples stories. We only put half the little tube on her and my cat is pretty fat, well over 10 pounds so I hope not too much of it went into her. My friends keep telling me that tomorrow would be 1 week since we applied it and if something terrible were to happen, it would have happened already. Is that true? Can I breath now? Did we get through this with only minor skin irritation? Please say yes.

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