hartz killed my cat

We have – I mean had – a VERY healthy, happy and active Siamese cat named Sam. He used to go to the vet once a year for shots – THAT’S IT. Recently he brought some fleas home with him so I bought Hartz Flea and Tick control. Two days after I applied the drops he suddenly died. I buried him while my grief-stricken wife and two crying daughters watched.
Hartz poisoned my cat, and I will let PetCo. & Pet Supplies Plus know about it, as well as everyone else I know. I will never – nor will my family’s hundreds of acquaintences – ever buy any Hartz product, nor any products of Sumitomo.
I won’t dig up my beloved cat for an autopsy, because he doesn’t deserve that. I must now live with the guilt of poisoning my cat with Hartz for the rest of my life. Hartz are a bunch of murderers, and will get what they deserve one day. To those at Hartz who are responsible for allowing this madness to continue: you are the lowest form of human being – may you die a painful death just like my cat.

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