4 cats in the vet this morning due to Hartz!!!

It all started when I took one of my cats to the vets for a standard checkup. When he came back I noticed he had fleas a few days later, so I knew all my cats would get them. (I have 4 cats) I was shopping at Target that same day and noticed the Hartz medication- SO much cheaper than buying Revolution for all of them I thought. After I applied the Hartz, one of my cats starting twitching the next morning and acting lethargic. Suffice it to say, I took him in immediately and after the vet explained the Hartz dilema to me, I took the rest of them in. My vet told me that they have 3 cases a week like this and she has been trying to get the FDA to pull Hartz for a while. I applied all the medication properly and can’t for the life of me understand why reputable stores sell this garbage! I am extremely worried for the health of my cats and will participate in any class action lawsuit against Hartz.

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