‘Simpsons’ episode references Hartz-Mountain problems

In the Simpsons episode “Two Dozen and One Greyhounds” they reference the problems found with Hartz-Mountain products. I thought some people might find this interesting. Here’s the quote from the episode:

Marge: Excuse me, we’re having a problem with our dog.
Clerk: Lady, I’ll tell you what I’m telling everyone else: I’m sorry if
your dog went blind, but your gripe is with Hartz Mountain, not
with me.
Marge: No, no! Our dog is out of control: he’s wild, destructive, andhas little or no respect for authority.


I was watching this episode as a rerun, and I was shocked to hear this reference! My kitty just got fleas, and in searching for a treatment, I stumbled upon this website. I was appalled at how Hartz Mountain kept these products on the market, even though they obviously caused harm to animals.

Knowing The Simpsons‘ track record on political commentary, I can only assume that this line was meant as a jab at Hartz Mountain.

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