Last night, I gave Jewel some Hartz flea drops on the back of her neck. This morning, she started twitching and her eyes were dilated. I immediately called the doctor on-call, who told me the Hartz product is highly toxic, and that she needed treatment. Jewel was admitted to the hospital with “pyrethrin type toxicity”, was bathed with dish soap, given anti-seizure medicine and IV fluids, and hospitalized for the day for observation. Her doctor specifically told me that, unfortunately, this is a common reaction to Hartz flea products, and that Hartz has had several complaints from consumers. I was shocked to hear this since the product is available in all grocery stores, pet stores, etc.

Jewel came home with me tonight, but I can’t sleep for fear that she won’t make it through the night. She’s still twitching, and hiding under the bed. I was told the symptoms will probably last until the poison is out of her system. This makes me sick to my stomach. I had no idea a product made FOR cats could actually KILL them. How many more lives have to be spared before Hartz takes this product off the shelf!!!

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