zodiac nearly killed our cat

My wife treated all of our pets with zodiac, thinking that it would be safer than Hartz, one night not too long ago. At about 4:30 she got up and found our youngest cat laying in a puddle of urine and blood in the kitchen floor seizeing violently. We called an emergency clinic and they said to wash her in dawn, as many others on this site have said, and get her to a vet. We washed her repeatedly and then took her to a vet who proceeded to wash her more and treated her with valium and phenobarbital. we left her there and went home. When we got there, we found another of our cats shaking and shivering and twitching as if being hit. We took him to the same vet and he got the same treatment. When we got home again. A third cat began twitching and shaking. We bathed the only two left at home repeatedly(the last as a precaution) We picked up our two guys from the vet not quite 12 hours after dropping them off. Thsecond cat was a little sluggish for a couple of days and is doing well now. The cat that seized, slept for about a day and a half and is slowly getting back to normal which is a miracle in itself, her temp was 95 degrees normal being 101ish. And The last affected cat twitched for a couple of days and is now normal. Our vet said that he had seen it before but not quite that bad, and all of the spot ons can do that to cats. When we called the zodiac number, they asked me if we left any friggin cabinets open and then said that their product couldn’t have done that, it must’ve been something in our house, thanks for calling bye. They didn’t even suggest anything, they just tried to avoid blame all together, surprise.

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