Hartz flea and tick conditioning shampoo for cats

Good evening! I have just had the worst week with my KitCat! I gave him his bath Tuesday night and seemed to be fine. Wednesday evening after returning from work he was acting spacey, he would literally fall face first into his food bowl. Around 2 am he had his first grand mall seizure. Thursday the second seizure occured at 11 am and I took him to the vet. The vet did bloodwork and nothing else, except they did apply Advantage on him and told me not to wash him or the Advantage would wash off. Thursday night another seizure at 12 am the next was 4 am! Called the vet the next mornin for blood test results and was told everything was ok, was asked to bring bottle of shampoo. When I did they called poison control and the vet was told that Permethrin was toxic and diagnosis was Permethrin toxitity. Took KitCat to overnight hospital for a wash and watch overnight. He had another seizure tonight. I am just besides myself at the moment. I dont know what to do? How long is this poison going to remain in my cat? Are the seizures going to stop? Is it permanant? I feel so helpless when this happens and is quite upsettin to say the least.

I would surely appreciate any and all responses to me…..please I need some input…what should I do?


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