My Kitty Died from Hartz Flea Preventive

I received my kitty as a gift from my brother for graduating high school 3 years ago. One week ago I gave Skitz, my perfect kitty, a flea bath with a Hartz product. Never in my life would I expect what happened next. My favoritest little cat was in the middle of my living room floor twitching and spasming as he spit up tons of blood. My 14-yr old sister watched as I stood in shock. I had no idea what was wrong with my cat. I took him to the emergency animal center where they said he would be fine. The next day I had to transfer him to his regular vet, where he began to become worse. He wouldn’t respond to any of the medicine nor would he stop twitching. My kitty was put to sleep that day. Please do NOT use HARTZ products on your animals. I never thought a company could put a product out that could kill the animal.

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