She is okay, Thanks to the Emergengy Vets

I appiled the medication to my Littlest Kitty (yes, thats her name) and a day later she started showing signs. At first I thought it was kind of cute that her hair was spiked across her head and neck, but then I saw that she was twitching her left ear and left eye. I thought it was normal, but upon watching closer, I realized that her left leg was twitching too. Of course I statred to freak out. My fiance said I always think something is wrong with one of the animals because I am very protective of them, but as he watched he felt that somthing was wrong too. Thankfully we have an Animal Emergency Clinic whcih is open 24-7 and could see her on a Saturday night. After many hours, an IV, sedation and LOTS of tears she was okay to take home. Even though she is now loosing the hair on her neck and head, she is okay. The money I spent was worth it. Rather than have a deceased animal’s memory to live with, I have her, as I already have two dearly missed companions. The Hartz products MUSt be removed from the shelves. $524.34 is alot of money to spend to save an animals life, but it is the Best money I have ever spent. She is a lucky survivors case.
Thank You for Your time,
Jessica E.

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