Sergents Flea Drops Killed My Cat

Do not use Sergents Flea Drops under any circumstance. I lost my 10 year best friend to this companys profits. It was Saturday morning and my 4 children came into my room histarically crying saying Lexus is dead. I said what do you mean she is dead. I just woke up and thought they must have been mistaken. I rushed into the room where she was and she was sooo sadly dead with rigamortis. Her beautiful soal was gone. It hit me like a ton of bricks. Was it my negligence, was it the flea stuff, was it that she had too many fleas and they got the best of her. The vet comfirmed that it was the toxisity of the flea drops. How could a company happily profit off the loss of animals. You know that they are aware of this problem. There are people all across the internet saying it. I was unaware of this problem and unfortunately my beautiful friend payed for it. We all need to stand up for a class action lawsuit!

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