Flea shampoo

Hi, I know that this is a major discussion group about and against Hartz product’s. Which thankfully I came upon this site while searching for Hartz product’s online to see what would be best to use on my kitty of 5 year’s to rid her of a flea infestation she has. In these 5 year’s I have enjoyed her love and friendship. She is my heart and if anything were ever to happen to her I would feel as though part of me died. I feel very sad at the story’s I have read on here. My heart goes out to all the ppl who have lost a pet due to using Hartz flea remedy’s, or shall I just call it what it really is: “HARTZ PET POISON”! And please don’t feel at fault yourselve’s for using the product because you only thought you were helping your pet. “Hartz did this to your pet’s”! I would also like to say for the ppl who’s pet’s survived that I am so happy that your baby’s pulled through this horrible tragedy and wish you much good luck in their recovery’s. I am now dedicating my time in campaingning against Hartz! But what about other product’s such as ZODIAC flea and tick control for example? Any insight on this product or any other’s that are cluttering the store shelve’s?


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