Kitten Poisined by Hartz


– It’s Wed: Oct 20, 2004 — and my kitty needs some help!!!.

– Not sure why this site ( does not post any antidote information. Just a suggestion.

– Last night I bought the Hartz 4 in 1 flea treatment at the Pets-Mart in Evansville, Indiana. I applied the treatment to my 7lb one yr old persian female (spayed) at 10PM.

– At 4am this morning – I noticed a fist-sized ball of fur next to the commode. Saw the cat scratching at her neck area (where I applied the treatment).

– Immediately, I gave her a bath with Dawn soap. And repeated again 2 hours later after she started scratching again. At 8AM she finally went to sleep (not dead – just nap time), and I went to work.

– I came home at 5:30PM and found another fist size ball of fur in living room. Now it’s panick time. No seizures thank God — just a cat bouncing off the walls scratching the heck out of herself.

– I called the vet. They say too late to do anything — just keep giving her baths – and to let it work itself out. Say to take her to 24 hour emergency vet if seizures start. Also said to give cat an eye dropper full of Children’s Benedryle. My breeder said to do the same thing.

– Right now, kitty is still climbing the walls — can’t get her to settle down. So will spend the night holding her and cuddling her.


– To the folks at Hartz — you are criminals. To the folks at Pets-Mart — you can forget about me paying the credit card bill. Go ahead, sue me.

– Will take kitty to emergency vets if she does not settle down in another hour or two. It’s been 20+ hours (4 baths) since I applied the meds – surely this has to pass?


– Anyone wants to contact me.

– John Coxey
Evansville, Indiana, USA
812-461-2662 (work #)
([email protected])

Learned About This on the News

I learned about this website on the local news in Wichita, KS earlier this week. I too had a terrible experience with the Hartz Flea and Tick spray, but had written it off to improper usage on my part. My cat, Rocky, is about 8 years old and never had fleas up until June 2004. When he first started furiously scratching, I found some of the spray that I’d had on hand from a camping trip to the mountains that I had taken years ago. I followed directions and sprayed Rocky. Nearly immediately he began to drool, was lethargic and he appeared to be very drugged. His symptoms began almost right away, but did not seem to be severe enough to warrant an emergency vet visit at the time. I blamed the reaction on improper usage….I thought I may not have shaken the bottle enough before spraying him. Had I known then what I know now, I would have immediately taken him to the vet to get his medical opinion on the situation. Fortunately, Rocky’s symptoms resolved by the following morning and he is still spoiled and happy today. I just want to say thanks to the woman in Wichita, KS who had the courage to spread the word about this product. THANK YOU!!


Heartbroken flea spray took Runtly from me

I lost My beloved 15 year old cat to hartz flea spray August 22 2004. I moved recently to a new state. We began having flea problems right away. I purchased this product at a local Walmart (shame on you!) This product did work great, The animals did not think so It seemed as they were in pain. I washed it off then. It was NOT enough. Runt died days later. He was as everyother animal drooling acting crazy short of breath and having seisures. I was at work when he died. This cat had been with me since high school to now my late 20s. I feel so guilty. I sprayed him so therefore I feel as If I killed him. NO!! Hartz killed him. I cry everyday for him. Will the guilt ever go away? I want this company to know they are no better than tobacco companys. Killing your consumers is the worst possible way to run a company. You can ignore us for now but we will have our day. I will live the rest of my days making sure that the people I meet know and never purchase there products. I want to know what I can do to see these horrible products taken from shelves everywhere. I miss my freind and still look for him everyday.

Rambo lost his life

In July I put Hartz flea drops on my 4 year old cat. Two day’s later he started having severe seizures. I called the vet and he met me at the vet office on a Saturday night. He asked me if I put any flea drops on him and I said yes (hartz) he told me that is what is causing his seizures. He then put him on antibiotics and gave him a shot. Two months later my cat still wasn’t quite himself after the “flea drop” issue so I took him back to the vet. He said that his kidneys were not functioning properly. He died within 2 day’s. I blame all of this on Hartz flea drops. Please DO NOT use this deadly product on any of your loved pets.

Hartz Flea and Tick Drops for Cats

Here is the letter I sent to Hartz about my cat Kai and what happened after I applied the drops.

Here is the letter I submitted to the Hartz website, still no response

I bought your product and put it on my cat at 6 PM last night (7/26/04). Within a short time he started to have a reaction to your product. His symptoms were twitching of the muscles, and acting very uncharacteristic of his normal behavior. By 1AM I had given him his first bath hoping to wash your product off his neck. By 3 AM I had to give him his second bath and also called the 24 hour vet in our area. I had to bring him in and he is being sedated in hopes of relaxing his muscles and will be monitored by the vet all day today. I have learned that the pesticide in your product can be toxic to cats, and since there is no antidote we will just have to wait this out.. I ask WHY this product is still available if it can be so harmful to cats? Hopefully there will be no long term neurological problems that he will have to endure. He is currently at the Central Kansas Veterinary Center in Hutchinson, KS 620-663-8387, like I said under sedation and being constantly monitored. I have no idea what this is going to cost, but I would like to submit my veterinary bill to Hartz, and hopefully you will do the right thing and take your product off the market and also to cover the cost of my vet bill. I would appreciate a response from you to tell me where to send the bill.

Here is the letter from a friend


> i was so sorry to hear of this….please pass on my well wishes to toni


> a very speedy recovery for her baby….

> now let me once again get on my soapbox…



> ON THE MARKET?!?!?! going back quite a few years, when i was still in new

> jersey, flea season had hit and hit my house hard. i went out and bought

> hartz flea collars for all three of the girls. i took them to the


> and had them professionally flea dipped and bathed while i bombed and

> vacuumed the house, etc. after the girls came home, i put the flea


> on them as a preventative measure. well, within one day, they all had a

> severe reaction to the collars….right where the collars were were large

> open sores. i immediately took the collars off and rushed to the vets

> office, where, a million dollars later, they were treated with antibiotics

> and whatever else i had to give them. man, was i pissed. i wrote the

> company a very direct letter of what happened and had no


> i hope toni has more luck than i did. why they are still putting out

> poisonous products is beyond me. its like one of those hidden problems


> goes on but no one hears about unless it happens to you or a friend, etc.


> wish we could contact 20/20 or dateline and drag hartz thru the mud….i’m

> sure there are a million people who have experienced something like

> this…and i thought the flea collars were bad…i can hardly bellieve


> they’re using chemicals that cause nuerological damage, blindness or even

> death….i’m outraged. its totally unacceptable.

> perhaps we should also get t-shirts that say BOYCOTT HARTZ….CAT


it affected every animal in our house!!!!

As a family of 5, we also have 2 puppies, 5 cats (now 4). not only did my daughters “snowball” pass away but our puppies were very ill for about a week, my female cat had kittens on a spot where hartz was sprayed and they died within 1 week. I really am heartbroken that hartz could still market a product in stores that is killing animals. we are still very heartbroken over snowball, he was a very special cat.

I thought I was losing my Peekie Boo

We used the hartz drops for dogs and within 2 days my lil Papillion was very Ill!!! He cried for 15 days… I tried to wash all of the flea drop off and I had to wait for it to run it’s course. He shook and twitched and pinched at himself for over 2 weeks. It was the scarriest thing.. He also lost 2 pounds and for a 9 pound dog that is alot…. since he has come out of this he is different…. he is very snippy with the other dogs..he wants to bite and be the boss of everyone. At first I thought it was because he was feeling better. but now I wonder if something has changed in him …. something neurological. I will never use another Hartz product….no shampoo,food, NOTHING. I will not support a company who take the life and health of my babies with such disregard

almost lost my cat also

I also almost lost my cat I gave her the drops on a saturday afternoon and by night she was trembling and could barely get up she was urinateing on herself her eyes were cloudy and she was drooling, took her to the vet where he told me that it was the Hartz flea drops and she was given an antidote and a bath.
The vet told me he has seen many cats with the same problem and that they had called hartz but nothing had been done…