Pedro thanks you all

I gave Pedro the 4 in 1 flea drops on saturday afternoon. He didn’t act all that weird on saturday, but by sunday, I noticed his ears twitching a lot. He shook his head more than normal too. As the day progressed, he became slower and slower and also was running a fever and felt really hot. He was still eating and I didn’t put 2 and 2 together at that point. When I got to work monday morning, I decided to look online for these symptoms and I came upon this site. THANK YOU EVERYONE. As every pet owner here must have felt, guilt, fright… all around freaking out… oh my god, these horrible drops i put on are going to kill my cat… all went through me at once. I rushed home and Pedro was about the same. Really hot, twitchy, just slow. I immediately washed and bathed him thoroughly and brought him to my vet who was kind enough to take him right away. A day later, I have Pedro home, thankfully. His blood screening didn’t show too too much toxicity, so I am hoping t!
hat this experience doesn’t cause lasting damage. The vet flushed him out with fluids and by rehydrating him and getting this poison out, his fever of almost 104 is now a normal temperature. The twitching has stopped. He’s way more alert. Of course, I’ll keep an eye on him to make sure that all is well. I know that this site mentioned other symptoms like puking, foaming at the mouth, etc. My vet also asked about either bloody pee or stool. So if you are reading this and this all has just happened to your cat- check for these signs and really, act fast. It might save your cat’s life. Sure, I now have a $300+ vet bill on my hands, but who cares… I have Pedro and he seems so much better. I will try to send all of the Vet stuff to Hartz and we’ll see what happens w/ my complaint. Thanks again to all who have written and I am so sorry for all who have lost a beloved friend to this poison. I am shocked that it’s still sold. It’s so disgusting. I will be sure to be!
more careful with any product I ever give to my pet. Please do the s
ame and pass the word that Hartz is a terrible company that sells poison that kills not fleas, but cats. Pedro, my big fat grey 6 yr old kitty (him being fat also might have saved him- he’s probably 15 lbs or so) thanks you for giving his mommy the info necessary to treat this fast. Last but not least, LET’S GO RED SOX!!! -A thankful Boston kitty owner who thinks this site is wicked pissah

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