Hartz almost killed our kittens.

We adopted Xim and Gir from our vets office. We had been looking for two kittens for our children and a vet tech had found some abandoned kittens on the street a few weeks earlier. They are beautiful grey domestics. My daughter said she saw a flea on Xim and I purchased Hartz Cat and Kitten flea shampoo. I made sure the product was safe for kittens. Boy was I wrong! Within 15 minutes of application the kittens began to freak out. Running around, meowing, clawing, their ears were layed flat pack on their heads and they were twitching so rapidly it made me throw up to see it. We rushed them to the emergency vet clinic and took the product with us. The vet said that there were two ingredients not just one in the shampoo that was toxic to cats.

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