babies okay this time

hi all well babies are fine this time , but am very upset
still with hartz. just wanted everyone to know it has
been 5 days since they tried to kill my friends. i
wanted u to know that i purchased kittens milk and
baster and forced fed for 3 days. this seemed to help
them back t health. they are still very lathargic and
something wrong with their eyes, like they can’t see
or something. well i’m doing my part because i work
at a major store, (we all know who) that distributes this
product in everyone one of their stores. When anyone
comes to my cash i tell them all about this product and
they soon put it back when i tell them about my cats and
this site, i don’t care if i get fired if it saves someone’s
friends life.
Good luck to all and your friends, and hope something is done soon.
bonbon from canada

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