Update on Kitty


– Thanks for those who called.

– Kitty (Her name is “Itty Bitty”) went to bed at 10PM last night (finally), and was up this morning (Thr: 10/21) at 5:00am.

– She seems a little worn out – but her pupils are back to normal (slant eyed after a few minutes — normal). She was very active this morning – and ate, drank, and used the litter box.

– She cries when I touch her back — also, she spent quite a bit of time grooming herself today. She exhibited normal grooming habits – not the panic type gestures shown yesterday.

– Looks like the worst is over. No skin damage (not even any redness or dryness noted). She has most of her underfur (where the flea treatment was put) pulled out — but no bald spots.

– Am hoping we have no long term health damage (kidneys, liver, etc).

– Anyhow, thanks for your help. Will post an update sometime next week.

– If anyone is still reading this post — definitely do not use Hartz Products on your animals.

John Coxey
Evansville, IN, USA
(812) 461-2662

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