One Angry peeved Parent!

I have three cats ranging in ages. Midknight is my oldest girl at 13, Ziggy my boy is 2 1/2 and my new addition is Moxie at 2 months. I recently got Moxie, hoping to calm Ziggy down a bit. He (Ziggy) is nicked named my “demon child” for his uncanny habit of taking down ceiling fans, shower curtains, opening doors, walking across wet cement, basically getting into things he shouldn’t be into. Ziggy and Moxie started to get along wonderfully! Then I noticed Midknight had fleas, which she is allergic too. I assumed because none of my cats go out that Moxie must have had fleas. So I went to the local Wal-Mart and picked up some flea and tick drops to treat all three cats. I picked up Hartz advantage care 3-1 flea and tick drops for cats 10 pounds an heavier, and the same product for cats under ten pounds and or for kittens. So when I had gotten home I was talking on the phone as I was reading the directions to another pet owner. I applied the full pipet of flea meciation to Ziggy first. As I was doing this I had mentioned that the package didn’t say how much to put on to my friend. My friend asked what kind and I told him Hartz. Dead silience… Next I heard was “WIPE IT OFF QUICK that stuff will make him sick.” Well I wiped as much of it off as I could I didn’t realize how sick it would make Ziggy. Today Ziggy had been itching the spot where I had put the drops I gave him two baths in hopes of helping him get better. His skin is no longer bright red but his ears are twitching. The vet told me just to watch him today and tomorrow. I did some research and found this sight. Thank you. Right now as Ziggy lays curled up asleep on my lap I keep praying what I did, doesn’t kill or hurt him any more than it has. I also pray Hartz removes this item off the shelves or goes out of buisness. This is just wrong.. This is my boy, my child.

If I sprayed bug spray on a human child and these reactions happened to a human child the product and buisness would be removed and out of buisness pretty quick. Unfortunately I don’t have human children. I have furry four legged children. Their birthdays are celebrated and they get gifts at X mas.. they get all my love and care.. I hope Hartz pays for what they did to my child.

One angry pissed off parent!

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